04/10/12 - 'Come Together' single release tomorrow and the shiny new video!

Tomorrow the first single to be released from the forth coming album 'Come Together', unfortunately this is just in Netherlands so we will have to wait in UK for the album to be released. I will post links to order this that ship to UK nearer the time. But for now to feed that love for Kane and their music check out the Come Together video.

30/09/12 - UK 'Come Together' Album Listening Party!

After a successful event on the release of 'No Surrender' I have decided that it would be fun to organise another album listening party for the UK fans. I am undecided where to hold it this year, whether it be Cardiff or London, or if the demand is there I will hold one in both cities (Obviously different days). The release date is 23rd November and well as we have to order from Netherlands, where postal will delay the arrival for a few days this will be your chance to hear the album in full hot off the press, enjoy meeting other fans and show KANE that we are still interested and still waiting for their return. Please message me here and express if you would be interested in London or Cardiff or even both. I look forward to hearing from you.

21/09/12 - New album release date, album name and a brand new Kane Official!

Today marked a big day for announcements from the Kane camp. It has been announced that the 6th studio album for Kane to released will be called 'Come Together' and is due for release 23rd November 2012. First there will be a single from the album released on 5th October. And finally an all new brand spanking new Kane Official website has been launched for everyone to visit, enjoy and spent time watching/reading/commenting. Make sure you head over here and visit and make Google translate your best friend for now! I will try and keep up with translations where possible.

06/09/12 - Happy 40th Birthday Dinand!

Today our favourite lead singer from the lowlands is celebrating a special birthday... his 40th. A big Happy Birthday from me and all who support Kane Rocks, hope you have an awesome time with your family and friends, relaxing, partying, listening and going where ever the music takes you.....

10/05/12 - Kane Singles Only Book in English - 'Rain Down On Me' Chapter 7

So far this has been the best chapter yet for me. Not only did I have fun learning the Dutch language but I learned a bit about the Dutch history. It's also a special chapter because 'Rain Down On Me' was the single released here in Uk and so with special permission with thanks to Lucy, there is one section that is in full for everyone to cast their minds back to 23rd August 2004 when the single got released in UK. You can find the translations here.

7/04/12 - Kane Rocks is celebrating it's 8th Birthday today!

Today marks the day that Kane Rocks went live on the Internet exactly 8 years ago. Time certainly is flying and I still live in hope that Kane will grace our shores again with their addictive, energising and enjoyable performances. Until then Kane Rocks will keep celebrating these milestones whilst continuing to keep flying an English site for Kane. Thanks to all that keep returning and supporting the site. And finaly a big thank you to Laura from 7L photography for letting me use one of her photos again.

1/04/12 - Kane Singles Only Book in English - 'Let It Be' Chapter 6

And so we have chapter 6 ready for you to read 'Let It Be'. Find out what Dennis has to say about the build up, rehearsals and the video filmed in France. You can find the translations here.

29/02/12 - Kane Singles Only Book in English - 'So Glad You Made It' Chapter 5

You can now find the next installment online for the translation of the next part of the book. Dinand talks about the pressure that this single brought and how the news of how the chart entry was delivered to himself. You can find the translations here.

28/02/12 - Kane announce 2 new members for the band

Kane are pleased to anounce that after many auditions and searching high and low they have found replacements for the band to fill the shoes of those who left. Daniele Labbate is the new bass player from Italy and Wim van der Westen is the new Kane drummer from Belgium. So the band are well and truely going all International with it's members. Check out for an introduction to them.

25/01/12 - Kane Singles Only Book in English - 'Can You Handle Me?' Chapter 4

Now that we are over Christmas and the New Year celebrations, I'm now back on track to giving you a new song each month. 'Can You Handle Me?' is the next chapter and the summary has been uploaded for your viewing from the translation. This chapter not only talks about the single, but also how the video brought Dennis his wife. So head over to the page to see the English summary.


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