Kane are Dinand Woesthoff and Dennis van Leeuwen.

Dinand was born with the name Marco Frank Ferdinand Woesthoff on 6th September 1972. He has always had a passion for music and used to own a beach club called 'Mecca' where live bands performed. Dinand is a big fan of Elvis and U2 and on rare occasions Kane have performed covers of these artists' songs.

Dennis was born with the name of Dennis Martijn van Leeuwen on 24th January 1971. He is considered as one of the best Dutch guitarists. He used to work in a music store and study law. Dennis tells me that he can also play a good reggae beat on the drums! He was inspired to pick up and start playing the guitar by Jimi Hendrix.



Summer 1998, a beach in Scheveningen, and a club called 'Mecca' was the place where it all began. Dinand was the owner of the club and Dennis was playing with a reggae band at the club. Dinand and Dennis got talking, and realised they had the same goals in life regarding their music ambitions and felt some really good vibes about it and so they started the ball rolling.

So the band was setup and three other people were approached and joined in, these were Cyril Directie on drums, Aram Kershergen on bass and Tony Cornelissen on guitar and vocals. The name of the band was going to be 'Citizen Kane' until they realised that there was a band already out there called that and so they became 'KANE'.

They had a very good break getting noticed very quickly by a record company after just a few gigs together. There was a few suggestions flying round so the record company could hear Kane including attending rehearsals or a demo CD but they wanted to hear them live. It was at this time that Kane had no gigs planned but luck took another turn and they finally managed to do a demo at a local radio station called 'Radio Rijnmond' and after three months Kane had struck gold and they got their contract, which allowed them a bit more time to get themselves together with more songs and performances before heading off to recording studios.


The first single got released in August of this year and so the story continues. 'Where do I go now' was the song and the video was made up from the rehearsals of the recording. And as one of the stories goes..... Rob Stenders from radio 3FM played the single for the first time on prime time radio and everyone was calling Dinand to tell him to turn the radio on but unfortunate for him he was in a car which didn't have a radio, and so not to be left out he stopped the car and shouted it out instead!

The second single was released 'Damn those eyes' in December. And proved to be the single that was going to help Kane with their breakthrough with the fan base just growing and growing....


January 27th was the day that Kane's first album was released and the start to a successful career. The title being 'As long as you want this' tells you something about Kane themselves and so long as the fans want Kane then they will continue to oblige!

Kane's 3rd single 'I will keep my head down' was released in May of this year and it was a song that Dinand had wrote for a close friend 'Marc Zieck, who tragically died in a tram accident in 1998. It is a personal song to Dinand.

They began to tour in the summer and did many festivals all over Holland including the larger ones and this was just the start of all good things to come from Kane.

They continued to tour through the Autumn with a special performance at the Marlboro Flashbacks which is an event where artists do a performance of songs of their heroes and Kane did 8 songs from U2 with Dinand being a big fan of U2. This performance was later brought out on a DVD in December called 'With or without you'. Dennis used this occasion to treat himself to a new special edge sounding guitar!. It was at this time as well that there was another change to the band line up and Ronald Kool joined the band playing keyboards. The next single released was 'Can you handle me' and this did really well in the commercial charts. But then in November the beginning of many awards to come for Kane had begun when they won a prestigious MTV Award for 'Best Dutch Act'. December wasn't a good month with Dinand falling ill with his throat due to overworking it and this forced Kane to cancel the rest of their tour dates. But it wasn't long after a welll deserved rest Dinand was back on track and ready to go again.


The beginning of the year the news got out that Cyril the drummer was leaving Kane and was soon replaced with Andr é Kemp. 2001 saw Kane get many awards which was the Edison Award (A Dutch Award) for the best alternative band leaving 'Coldplay' and 'Radiohead' behind them. They were nominated for 6 awards for the TMF Awards and they walked away with 3 awards coming out on top.

'As long as you want this' album had turned double platinum and in the summer Kane went back to the studio to start the recording for the next album. It was at this time also that Martijn Bosman became the new drummer and 'So glad you made it' the title of the new album was on the way.

Kane did more promotional work and more concerts and in October the next single 'So glad you made it' was released and the titled album being released at the end of October. Paul Jan Bakker joined the band becoming an extra guitarist in the line up. November was time for more awards for Kane and for the second year running they won the MTV award for 'Best Dutch Act'.


Kane started the year off by releasing the next single from 'So glad you made it' called 'Let it be'. But 2002 saw members leave the band again and so it was goodbye to Aram, Ronald and Tony after the show in Heineken Music Hall. But it wasn't long before 'Matto Kranenburg' joined the band as the new bass player.

April was a great month for Kane where they won 3 out 6 nominations at the TMF Awards. They did an outstanding performance at the awards of 'Rain down on me' using a water curtain for effects right across the front of the stage. It was shortly after this in May that 'Rain down on me' was released as the next single.

Kane's next single wasn't released then till October which was 'Hold on to the world' and in December they did two shows in the famous 'Ahoy' stadium in Amsterdam. The first show was sold out in 20 minutes with the second show being sold out shortly after. These shows were amazing performances and in March 2003 a DVD was released with lots of backstage footage as well. They finished off this year by doing some acoustic shows in Amsterdam.


2003 saw more ups and downs for Kane and did put some strain on the band. It saw more members leave the band - Paul Jan and Matto left in January leaving Kane having to get some session musicians in to continue. And as if that wasn't enough for them they lost a very close friend who had supported them from the beginning - Maddy Van Kijck lost her fight against cancer in February. In February they did some unplugged concerts at the Pepsi Stage in Amsterdam and recorded the show for a DVD which was then released later on in 2004. They also made history again this month with doing a live concert that got broadcast across the internet and Kane was the first Dutch band to achieve this. Auditions were set up to find a new bass player and these found Dion Murdock who after playing drums in other bands became Kane's new bass player. March saw the release of Kane's next single. This was a song that Dinand originally wrote for another Dutch artisit 'Anouk'. The song 'My best wasn't good enough' can also be found as a duet on 'Anouk's' album 'Urban Solitude'.

They next released 'What If' in June, which is a compilation album of songs from their first two albums. They were re-written, re-recorded and re-mixed with their sights set on using the album to achieve their dreams in other countries. June brought Dinand very good news when on 29th June he became the proud Daddy of 'Dean Maddy'.

'What If' made the number slot in Holland's charts in July and they soon followed on with the release of another two singles, this time being 'Before you let me go' featuring 'Ilse de Lange' and also the Tiesto Mix done by 'DJ Tiesto' of 'Rain down on me' was released. Although 2003 didn't start off to well, it improved more and more as the year went on and on 17th September whilst on a visit to Las Vegas, 'Dinand' got married to 'Guusje Nederhost' the mother of 'Dean Maddy' and a well known actress in Holland. December 2003, Kane played to four sell out concerts in the HMH, Amsterdam.


Kane have now got their sights on the rest of Europe but another set back...

On the 29th of January Guusje Woesthoff – Nederhorst, Dinand's wife died. Everybody in the whole country seemed to be in shock. Dinand wrote a special song for her named ‘Dreamer' Gussies Song. All the benefits for that song go to KWF, the Dutch Cancer Foundation. On the day of the funeral (which is also Guusjes birthday) all radio stations played the song at 12.00. In every chart ‘Dreamer' came in at number one.

As they say life goes on! And so Kane move forward and they stepped out on to UK turf as the support act for Maroon 5 which also saw them as the support in Germany and Scandinavia. They played their first gig of 2004 in Holland 3rd April with Nico on keyboards. That show proved to be very emotional but everyone got through it and Kane showed their loyal Dutch fans they were back on track.

Kane then opened up their dreams which was to start making progress outside of Holland. For UK, they released their first album here 'What If' in June and done a showcase where they headlined their first show in London at the Mean Fidler which was very successful. They then released their first single in to the UK charts 'Rain down on Me' in August achieving a goal that many bands have failed by reaching 38 in the charts. They have also made great progress in other European countries this year. November saw Kane winning for the 3rd time a MTV Award for best Dutch & Belgium Act. Another great achievement for Kane and something to be very proud of.

Although they were hoping to make it back to UK to do a small club tour, it was decided to wait till the release of their next album and tour with new material in 2005. Towards the end of the year, Dion announced that he was joining another band to go back to playing drums but the rest of the band along with Yolanda Charles as the bass player hit the studios in Brussels to start the recording of 'Fearless' the title they have now given the new album.


Along with many famous Dutch artists Dinand played at the benefit concert for the Tsunami victims in India at Dam Square alongside Andy Tielman and Rene van Barneveld. In March the band received a 3FM Award for the Best Band. Some small tryout gigs was performed in Holland before the album release all of which sold out within 15 mins of going on sale and in Kane's words 'They are back'!

'Something to Say' is the first single to be released from the forthcoming album 'Fearless'which was released in May and reached the number one slot in the Dutch charts going platinum. August saw the band take their set to the sold out Almere beach and play to 32,000 people. This concert was released on DVD later in the year. The year is finished off with 2 sold out shows at the Ahoy early December..


The fourth and final single from 'Fearless' is released in March called 'Believe It'. Already armed with many earned awards they pick up another 3FM award this time for Best Album with Fearless. 26th August saw them play a concert at Malieveld, the first band to play there in 8 years; Rolling Stones being the last one. This was to be the last concert to be for some time as Kane take time out to write their next album taking all the time they felt they needed. 13th October saw the band being honoured best band at the TMF Awards, another award showing their talent outshines. It was Dennis's turn to do something different when he co-wrote the theme song 'Don't Be Afraid' for the Dutch horror film: S18n8.


This year sadly saw Martijn leave the band all on good terms after many years to follow a different direction and to try things new. At the musicians Day May 12th in Amsterdam, Dennis was awarded a Devil Award (musicians to musicians) for the catergory Best Guitarist. With Kane's contract up with Sony/BMG it was after many debates and offers Kane signed to the Universal label.


Dinand & Dennis kick off this year with a bang by performing at a New Year party in Rotterdam performing for the first time the soon to be released single 'Catwalk Criminal' from the forth coming album 'EverythingYouWant. This album as predicted went straight to the number slot in the Dutch charts. The highlight of the year had to be the concert that was held at The Kuip. Here they played to 40,000 people with a DVD released in December of the performance. To end the year on a high they got to do something they yearned for awhile and that was to play in London again and this was achieved with the help of radio 538 where a competition was setup which included shopping days in London and to attend a very intimate private concert in a small recording studio in Chiswick.


It's back to writing some more new material and some festival gigs in the pipeline. This story is to be continued..........





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