When Kane announced an acoustic tour in the theatres around Holland, it was on the cards that I would be going and so tickets was purchased for 3 shows. 2 being Vredenburg, Utrecht and Nieuwe Luxor, Rotterdam.

As the tour began I got curious as to what the songs would sound like in a different format but managed to avoid all films on youtube so I could go with an open mind. I had a good flight over and was met at the airport by Nance. We drove to Gouda to pick up Kaylee and then made a very important stop on the way to Utrecht. Karin (Kaylee's Mum) my Kane buddie was taken ill after an operation and had to have a 2nd operation, so Kane fans all decended in to the visitors room.

Back on the road we arrived in Utrecht to a tin can of a builiding not representing anything of a theatre; it looked something more like a warehouse on an industrial estate form the outside. We took to our seats in row 11 and shortly the lights went out putting us in total darkness until a generated thunder/lighting storm began on stage... very impressive effects.

Kane took to the stage and for the first few songs the lights was kept to the very minimum. From where we was sitting it meant closing your eyes and letting the music take you on a journey. The stage was set to what I can only describe as if it was in a large old room with an open fire place being the only thing missing. It was pretty unique. But from Go to No Surrender, it became apparent straight away although it was a cosy setting on stage these shows are all about the music doing the talking and each song took you on a ride with every note sang and played.

There was a few songs that stood out that really touched raw nerves those being: Damn those eyes as I'll never tire of this song, I belong to you for touching vocals, Before you let me go Dinand did solo and touched inside deeply, REAL for being amusing as Dinand wasn't able to sit still either and So Glad you made it because not only did it transpire into a kind of a blusey song there was a surprise when Dennis took to the vocals and wow... I want to know why he doesn't sing more? he was so in tune with Dinand and they both gave a very impressive harmonising end. Through the show there was some beautiful guitar playing, vocals that sent chills down your back in a good way and Joost on drums the entertainer in many ways.

The show as always ended leaving me wanting to go back for more and so it was the following day.

Another visit was paid to the patient to make sure she was recovering well and we broke her out for some fresh air before heading back for something to eat and to wait for our driver of the night Natasja to arrive. This time we was off to Rotterdam. We arrived and waited for Daan and Mo before we took our seats this time in row 15. This time the theatre was more how it should be; not a tin can. Again the lights went out and complete darkness fell upon us till the storm on stage started up, A storm that is going to bring great delights.










It was another magical evening where the power of music took over and stole you for the entire set. The sound over all was much better in this theatre compared to the warehouse the previous night although both shows for me was on equal par for many reasons. Tonight saw spectacular vocals on Dreamer but the song that stole the night for me was Let it be. It was just beautiful in every way.

It was all over again once more and so out into the cold night we went. I could never tire of listening/seeing Kane. Full electric/semi acoustic/ full acoustic even totally unplugged they just are awesome musicians and genuinely nice people appreciative of their fans.


And so this trip is over and I apologise for the lack of photos from the 2nd show; sometimes you get lost in the moment.

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