4th - ALPHEN ad RIJN, 5th - APELDOORN & 6th - EINDHOVEN - OCT 2011

It's been almost 6 months since my last visit to see Kane and so with the theatre tour already begun I find myself in Netherlands for 3 shows in a row.

Kane don't make music/perform show after show because it is there job, they do it because they enjoy it and it certainly shines in their faces. You can see they have so much fun on the stage and love giving back to those that appreciate their music. They are always up for a challenge and I'm sure re-working some of their songs to fit in with the programme gave them some headaches!

As cliché as this sounds, music is my sanity, and I get so much back from it. I've never met a band like Kane and I honestly don't think I'll ever find artists that appreciate and take so much time with their fans. Every time I leave Netherlands in Dinand's words I bring 'A Little Something' away with me... wise words spoken.



These acoustic shows have given the chance for all ages to attend. I was pleasantly surprised to see the huge age range from the youngest to the oldest fans was at the shows and from the looks of their faces all enjoyed and left fulfilled. It's like another way for Kane to give back to those that enjoy their music because seating is a whole lot better and easier for some generations.

The setlist in black and white was the same for all 3 shows and there was songs I may have liked to have heard that wasn't on there, but it didn't matter what I got was mind blowing anyway and each night certain songs stood out more than others. The setlist for all 3 nights was: No surrender, Dogma 2.0, Crazy Warnings, Love For the Sake Of Life, Solitary Madness, Everything You Want, Somewhere Close, Something to Say, Wanna Make it Happen, Way Down Inside, Fearless, Shot Of A Gun, Rain Down On Me, Here Comes The End, Tough, R.E.A.L. and High Places with A Little Something to end all endings.




Each show I got something different from besides the same warm fuzzy feeling of content each time I left, all holding great memories.

Alphen a/d Rijn - I was fortunate to be at a few of the acoustic shows last year, but hoped for something a little different this time. Forget the 'little' this band really are enjoying everything right now and with a setlist to please all their fans one way or another. I've never felt so many butterflies as each song was played. Note for note, pitch for pitch, beat for beat this band have perfected perfection. Tonight it was all about surprises and I got them! Songs that stood out for me this show was 'Crazy Warnings' and 'Solitary Madness' along with a song I'll never tire of 'No Surrender'.

Apeldoorn - Apeldoorn was all about listening and letting the music touch and pull all the emotions possible. This show I can say I got lost in moment after moment. The music did all the talking the entire gig. It was a show where I definitely felt I'd left earth and found my happy place. 'Love For The Sake Of Life', 'Tough' and 'R.E.A.L.' was just WOW this time round.

Eindhoven This was the gig of all gigs. Although I can't pin point which of the 3 gigs stood out for me being as I enjoyed all of them for taking something different away each time. But it certainly had the best atmosphere, it was most definitely the most energetic and had the party animal written all over it as far as seating shows goes. ! I loved the acoustics in 'Way Down Inside' and because it was to be the last song I heard for this tour 'A Little Something' was one I may have gone a little crazy over but it left me yet again that feeling of fulfilment but the desire to want more.



I sometimes wonder why is it I can never find fault with this band/their music/their shows etc... but because they are so good at what they do, I guess there just isn't any to find and if there is then I've just never found them ;)

Till next time.. Thank you once more Kane for taking me out of 'REAL' life and giving me 'A Little Something' each time to bring back to Wales.




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