Always good to start at the begining and so here goes...

Although I was lucky enough to see Kane here in London just before Christmas it was actually 2005 and Almere the last time I saw them perform in Holland and almost 4 years that I last visited Holland. For many reasons I never went although there were times I wanted to so much but circumstances prevented it but there was no going back this time I was going and there was going to be very little to stop me!

I arrived into Den Haag late Friday afternoon to find that in the horizon I could see the Ado stadium from my room which was 19 floors up! I spent the night taking a stroll through the city and catching up with Paul and his mate who also made the journey over from London for this concert.


Morning broke and I arrived at the Ado stadium late morning to find a few people already there queuing and so joined them. I put my ipod on to pass the time away until it began to get very windy and everyone was moving... que introduction to the Jovi girls. Conversation started to flow, they liked the same bands as me, they loved my name, they fed me and even introduced me to strawberry sandwiches!.

Time came for the doors to open and well 3 gates all open at once, running is allowed in Holland so you can imagine once you were inside what it was like! Karin managed to get right on the end of the catwalk and secured places for Miek, Miranda and myself in the process... Thank you!


So barrier to lean on, mints flowing and then it was the waiting waiting. Stero was the support band who wasn't too bad and the crowd loved them. But I was waiting for just one band and at 8.55 they took to the stage..... A sight that I had waited so long to see and a sound I longed to hear.

Opening with 'As long as you want this' the energy from Dinand was just overwhelming and carried through the whole set. It was a setlist that would please all with the oldest and newest stuff being played and all the amazing stuff in the middle. Dennis always has this cool rockstar pose about him and he carried the same pose the whole show through. Dinand however always likes to live on the edge and so during Waiting Waiting he decided to walk the barrier and then get a piggy back ride right through the crowd back to the catwalk.

And so the bow was taken and it was adios! The show was over and how did I feel? Well again Kane filled beyond my expectations, it renewed any doubt that I may have had as a fan for not seeing them live for so many years and with a warm cheesey grin for finally taking the plunge to go back to Holland I was very happy.

I left the stadium with my new found friends and we chatted for awhile outside, said goodbye twice and then they decided that they were going to walk me to the station to be sure I was ok and so it was then a 3rd goodbye. I love you girls already!


Back to the hotel it is always the same you are tired but yet you are buzzing after having a good time. Unfortunately I missed Paul but found a place for a night cap before getting some sleep ready for my early morning flight home.

**Sadly Paul Lee tragically died a few months after his first ever live Kane show and so never got to return with me to Paradiso as planned. Paul you are missed by so many x


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