21, 22, 23 APRIL 2011 - AHOY, ROTTERDAM

It has been what seems like a life time for the 3 Ahoy shows to come around, but finally the time arrived and once more after 6 months I find myself on a flight to Holland. Arriving the night before the first show, so as to be fresh as a daisy ready to live the life in the world of rock n roll for 3 days. All 3 days the weather was more like summer and made spending time doing things before the shows pleasant. It felt strange not to be sat in a queue all day outside a venue and although I missed that front row experience, I quickly learned to adapt, after all it's not everyday you get 3 special invites in a row!

The setlist was the same each night from start to finish every single in chronicle order, all 24 of them from 'Where Do I Go Now' to 'High Places' lasting close to 2 1/2 hours. I had pondered on how they would make the songs flow and if it would all be similar to the singles shows they did in Paradiso 2009, but no, this is Kane, nothing stays the same and so every song felt fresh, newly arranged and had a huge impact on the audience. Also with the venue being a big arena this time there was room for more lighting and screens with some visuals which were pretty spectacular.

For those not to familiar with the full set of singles here is the list:

Where Do I Go Now
Damn Those Eyes
I Will Keep My Head Down
Can You Handle Me
So Glad You Made It
Let It Be
Rain Down On Me
Hold On To The World
My Best Wasn't Good Enough
Before You Let Me Go
Something To Say
All I Can Do
Believe It
Catwalk Criminal
Shot Of A Gun
Wanna Make It Happen
It's London Calling
No Surrender
Love Over Healing
In Over My Head
High Places

So starting with the first show, after a few very nice Dutch drinks in the bar, we went in to the main hall to see the support act 'Ben Saunders'. Ben had recently won a Dutch competition called 'The Voice of Holland'. I have to say he has a great voice and is worth checking out if you're looking for some new music to listen too, although I will add he isn't my cup of tea, but he is originally from UK from a young age, so hey he even has English roots!

A small time passed till Kane was to hit the stage. As much as I enjoyed the acoustic shows, you can't beat a proper full blown energised concert. So here we were with the first of 3. Starting off from the beginning, the old songs were played without losing their original character but given new leases of live and left me wondering on re-releases, would some of the old stuff, re-worked be what the UK want? Anyway from the first time I heard 'Where Do I Go Now' it has been one of my personal favourites and so as an opener my blood started to warm already to what followed through the night. Each song was played stupendous, elegantly and full on rocking. After the show, big grins on everyone's faces it was back to the bar to discuss and reflect on seeing Kane once more... but the show wasn't over yet as there was another 2 days to follow.

2nd day turned into another relaxing day although I may have had a few after effects from the night before, we gave seeing Ben a miss this time round and sat in the bar having a long over due chat with a very special friend. Time flew by and so it was time to go through to the main hall once more for Kane. Tonight the sound and performance definitely showed signs of being better. Another thing I like with Kane are their lyrics. They are definitely true to life more often than not and I'm sure everyone will agree with me that there are at least a handful of the songs they can relate to in their own lives. Tonight for some reason the lyrics touched me more, something not for awhile and I found them pulling those emotion strings. But all to soon, voices croaking from all the singing back, body's aching from all the dancing and head's buzzing from another fantastic show it was time to go to the bar once more.. You see a pattern forming here right?!

3rd and final night, and tonight was definitely going to be the night to remember of all 3. I spent the day in Gouda before heading to Rotterdam. A few drinks to start with and into the main hall we went. Same place as the 1st night, not so tall people in front so we was ready for the rock n roll. The atmosphere was the best yet. It was the first date that went on sale and you knew it was full to the rafters with Kane fans, it was totally awesome hearing 14,000 people singing back many times the lyrics to the songs. Much dancing, singing and swaying was done by all. I've always said and I'll say it again, Kane have the knack to pull so much energy into their shows and feed it out to the audience, and tonight was going to be one of those nights where it just kept coming at you. If there was any stops to be pulled out and I'm sure there never is with Kane it's always 110% effort put into their shows but tonight had a sparkle and it wasn't just Dinand's shoes, it really was an another amazing performance once more by the guys. The bar was buzzing after the show and we stopped for awhile but soon it was time to leave with an early morning flight looming.

There was many highlights spread over the 3 shows but for me, things that stood out, opening with 'Where do I go now' lyrics/vocals just touching every time time. 'Let it Be' a heart rendering, heart stopping performance. 'Hold On To The World' has become the best Dutch guitar player's solo ever! It is Dennis's time to shine and he sure does that putting a smile on every budding guitarists face. Dreamer being sung/played solo by Dinand in the middle of the arena after appearing from nowhere, always an emotional song for the Dutch which was then followed by 'Something to say' where Dinand bravely fought his way through the crowd back to the front singing all the way. Rain Down On Me, is and always will be 'Kane's anthem song and I always enjoy the crowds interaction and energy thrown back. Introducing 'It's London Calling' Dinand referred to Dennis as his wife and finally, No Surrender was time for some fun where Dinand asked people to get on shoulders of others and during the whole song visuals of the crowd was beamed across the screens.

The time flew by so quickly and again another trip over, but as always I'm left feeling filled with so much admiration for this band for their ability to make sure you are entertained the whole of the show, to put on the best performance ever and to leave you wanting more.... and so regardless I always go back.


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