I found myself a bench to sit on and waited with my ugness for my lift to arrive. I soon found myself waking up though as we got closer to Almere with the signs on the road and already the adrenalin was coming alive. It was only about 11 am when we arrive and so we had a long wait but this time I found the time just went by so quickly.

And then the moment I had dreaded was gates opening. Again I nominated to be the bag lady whilst everyone ran to get places. I couldn't believe how people was running so fast falling over being trampled on whilst on the floor and others watching on amused! Tthere was no way I could run it and having to jump barriers didn't help and so when I finally got there I wasn't feeling too good and this was nothing to do with the hangover I promise. The people around me made sure I was ok and with some tablets the pain subsided and I was again ready to have some fun. It was almost 7 pm when the camera crew pointed to the sky and above us we saw a plane circling in the horizon. 3 people jumped out with one dressed as Elvis. This was a first seeing people drop in to a gig literally from the sky!

Shortly after the support band took to the stage called 'Relax'. Not my cup of tea and I'm not even sure what music catergory you put them in but nothing was really recognisable which is good for uniqeness but not so good when it doesn't match your musical taste buds.


It was now 8.30 and 32,000 people was ready to get jumpy with Kane and when they took to the stage the whole beach just roared! The enthusiasm was buzzing. For a short time I took a moment to realise how happy I was to be there to witness the aweness of the show. They played a very similar set to Paradiso with Dreamer and Where do I go now added. I've learned that Kane shows always carry so much emotion in their performances and this show was no different. When Dinand took an acoustic guitar to the end of the catwalk I think we all knew it was going to be Dreamer but this time when introducing the song he mentioned 9/11 and asked everyone to look up where 2 lights were being emitted in to the sky. Lets say there was a lot of tears shed amongst 32,000 people at that moment.

The mood changed again and later in the show the ever growing energy revitiliser that is Rain Down on Me saw everyone rip into a frenzy of jumping and singing and Dinand controlled the crowd like sweets in the palm of his hand. The only thing that he didn't control was when at the end of the song it rained! The next song they played Dinand introduced as being written for a very special little man and his name was Dean...awwww and so we got All I can do.

And so with that it was time to leave the stage but without leaving everyone wet they came back and did some more twice! But again all too soon it was over. The show again was amazing and left me satisfied yet wanting to come back for more. I personally put this band up as one of the best rock bands there is when performing live they know how to work the crowd and what to give them to keeping wanting more.

And so people started to say their goodbyes and make their way out but Lucy came and found me and so I was whisked off to backstage. Wow that stage looked even bigger from the back! This was my first time at being backstage ever and I guess I had a bit of grin on my face. There was so much going on and so for a moment I just stood there and took it all in. I spent some time chatting to Lucy and Dinand about the show and stuff and Dinand described how the show felt for him. I carried on chatting to Lucy a bit more and then it was time to head back over the other side of that stage. Thank you both for everything.

We managed to get a good drive back to Amsterdam with very little traffic but the night was still young and so after I was dropped off I went to a bar to meet up with some friends where we reflected on such an amazing event and to get some food! And so early hours I crawled back to my hotel and yet again they locked me out! But all to soon it was time to get back up as I had an early morning flight back home.


I don't think this trip and this show would hold so many memories if it wasn't for the people that made it special so thank you so much Kane for the memories and thank you to everyone that I met up with, hung out with and looked after me.


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