Left hungry after seeing Kane 3 times whlst they supported Maroon 5 in UK, I just had to see them again. And so with the help of some new friends; Conny and Astrid 4 weeks later I find myself landing in Amsterdam. Astrid was there to greet me and to be my tour guide for the evening. After exchanging some gifts we left Amsterdam and headed to where it all began for Kane.

Astrid had planned a really nice evening for me starting off in Schevenigen and although it was pouring with rain and thunder & lightening storms it didn't stop us having a awesome time. We had so much to say to each other and got on like we had known each other for years. So after a very large Mexican meal and ice cream the weather took a turn in our favour and stopped raining. So along the boulevard we walked whilst Astrid gave me the story about the clubs and resturants on the beach which disappear in Winter and come back out in Spring. So although they were half way being put back up and it was getting dark I still wanted to walk along the beach and so we headed to Mecca. And although it was only half errected it was nice to see where Kane roots began.

We then headed back to the Pier and stopped off for a drink before having a driven tour through Den Haag as well. Realising how late it had become Astrid dropped me off at my hotel which so happened to be the same place as the venue and my room was in the top of this tower! Unfortunately Astrid wasn't going to the gig as she was heading out on her holidays and so it was goodbye for now.

Sleeping was never going to happen which is the norm for me when excited and so I got up early and ventured out to explore the city. Conny who was the lovely lady that got me my ticket wasn't going to be at the venue till later in the afternoon and so although restless I decided to go downstairs anyway where I met up with some other Dutch fans (Natasja, Milko and Lydia) who made me feel very welcome. Hannah, Paula and Paul arrived at some point from the UK label and I went and chatted with them for awhile and also got to meet Dennis and Martijn for the first time!


The doors finally opened to the venue but there was no civilisation here, it was everyone for themselves and if I wasn't pushed in the right direction I may very well still been outside! But thankfully I got in and settled down ready to rock.

The time eventually came for Kane to grace us with their presence. They played 10 songs from the setlist which was twice as much to what I heard already and so I was well happy. The first 5 was played more acoustic and the 2nd set was played electric. The guys obviously felt more at home with the awesome atmosphere from the lucky 350 people to be there and you could see how proud they was of their band. Dinand is a natural frontman where as Dennis is an entertainer. Martijn is just a huge smiler and Dion likes to rock in his own world. It was an experience and oportunity I was glad I didn't miss but again I was left hungry for more.


With some help I managed to get 2 broken drumsticks and a poster as momentums of my first Kane gig on Dutch soil to add to the beautiful memories I already had. The night still wasn't quite over and although I hung around for a bit outside where I got to meet Dion I was in much need of a drink and so we ventured into the bar where I got to say Hi to Dinand again. It was then that the lack of sleep hit me and so it was goodbye to all and to bed I headed!


Morning seemed to arrive very quickly and so it was breakfast, a walk around the park and time to head back to the airport to head for home.

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