After my amazing time at the Fearless fansite day in Delft you can imagine how happy I was driving to Dordrecht the next day. Lydia was my host for this trip as well and made sure we got there without getting lost! We parked the car and headed to the venue on foot where some people recognised me from the previous year and so we chatted for awhile. Bibelot is an old church and so it wasn't that hard to find and so with a few hours left to go we played the waiting game more so in silence strangely enough but at 7.30 doors opened and everyone scarpered in. Ron very kindly gave up his spot for me which I owe you for! You was a star for listening as well as understanding.


Kane soon took to the stage but with some sound problems. Dinand's reactions soon got the sound sorted and we then got an amazing performance yet again. I never know how they manage to do it but each time they leave me mesmorised and manage to make each and every show different. They played a 14 song set of mainly new with some old songs mixed in. This gig was to mark the last of the tryout gigs and again they pulled out the stops to mark it as memorable one. I forgot everything again and found myself caught up in the atmosphere of the show.

It was a shame that this gig was over as I really could have stayed all night but it was also a shame that it was mared with some sadness which taught me a huge lesson. Again after the show I got talking to some nice people and reflected on the latest performance.

And so it was back to Lydia's for some sleep and then up and out to get back to the airport for my journey home. I spent the time in the airport on the phone which passed the time away and some kind words put a whole lot of things into perspective and so I had a good flight with smiles from one ear to the other!


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