Carre show was the one to end the long run of the Acoustic tour and so not to miss out one last chance to see this setup, I went back to Amsterdam. It's always exciting for the last show as you hope that it goes off with a spectacular bang but it also holds a reminder that all good things come to end even if it is just for awhile.

Arriving at the theatre just from the outside you can see it is an absolute beautiful building and this beauty continued inside too. Awesome acoustic sound with a very plesant and comfy enviroment. The only thing missing now was the band!

Kane arrived on stage and so the show began with the dark, haunting, ghostly yet warm feeling. The sound was perfect, the vocals on top and the performance was a little more upbeat than what you would expect to be for a 'sit down' theatre show. After around 7 - 8 songs, most people felt it hard to stay sitting and not to get involved and so most did some standing/swaying/jigging. It was the show to end the tour that you hope for, one that would hold great fond memories, one that had your heart racing and your spine tingling and most of all because it left you with a great sence of knowing you had just forgotten about the world for those few hours you was inside and enjoyed every moment of the show.


Setlist was similar to the rest of the tour but 'Way Down Inside','Something To Say' and that life time favourite 'Rain Down On Me' is what stands out as being the songs that I engaged with for this show. As always the shows ends with you wanting more but it was the show that ended the tour with that all important bang! I left with that feeling of 'that's why I keep returning'.

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