Into the Black Hole?

…about the acoustic ‘No Surrender’-tour (part two), about respite, about the big black hole after a very busy period; well about being busy especially :) Update, yes?

And then, suddenly it is November. November 2011. As usual there was an entry in my diary ‘after October no more gigs…’ The acoustic tour is over, the festival season is over, the ‘Singles Only’-Ahoy gigs are over. In fact, it is all over for the outsider (apart for some Belgian exceptions). For those outsiders I am writing, because in the mean time I have moved on to the next chapter (more about that later).

First back to the month of October. A pretty full month with parts of 9 gigs in 11 days. Starting at the end of September in Middelburg with the preparation and through to the last one last week in Den Haag. ‘Without part 1, no part 2 and vice versa’. It has to be like that and we had to wait and see if it would work that way. ‘On, the way we came off. House lights on, everyone visible, the audience as well. No Surrender’. A concept is always good, but could it work that way? The first gig in Middelburg took me back to last year for awhile. ‘As if you have to hold a speech in front of year 7’ It takes some getting used to the attention on every square centimetre. Such a first night will probably always be a challenge. No, it wasn’t the best gig of the tour ha, ha. What was? Mmm… I will answer that from 2 points. First from the concept of the tour ‘A stage like some kind of raft at sea, made from driftwood. Sailed by men with beards. Through the storm and everything else.…’

Without taking it all too seriously, that really was the idea. Sailing for awhile with the Ships-boy of Bontekoe (Dutch boy’s book) nonetheless. That came across the best during both years in Almere. Almere is the only town with a theatre where the chairs are situated higher than the stage. So you really look onto that raft. You see the light on the raft as a beacon and everything around it is the sea. From that point of the concept Almere was the best. Well, that’s what I think?…

But what it is about, above the concept, stage and light is our own experience of what happened. Where did we play the best? Where was the most experience? Where did everything come together? I can easily answer that. With a big bullet point at number 1 is Rotterdam!!!

I am still not sure what happened there, but it was an adventure that night. Yes there was a storm, yes there were turbulent waves. They came as much out of the room as they came from us off the stage. Magic… And everything was allowed! Thnx Rotterdam; one of the best gigs of the year. Again with you.
Then there are Breda, Nijmegen en Den Haag as well. I have to say that we could play well virtually everywhere. And then these jump out of it. And well…When you really have decided not to do it anymore and therefore hand the stage to fans from everywhere, who have been so supportive all these years...Fantastic. That last gig in Den Haag last week was truly a memorable end to an extremely successful acoustic tour in turbulent economic times.

We played for about 20,000 people across the country. We wanted to get to know them better. I think we succeeded. Thanks to everyone who bothered to come. I hope you feel that we gave it all.
And for all those die-hards, some came more than 14 times … You must be out of your minds, ha, ha, but we love it!! Thank you so much for all that energy everywhere! Very special. Thank you so much everyone!!!

And then… A black hole? A cold turkey detox-process? Ha, ha… Yes could have been possible. Except that while I type this I have been working on our new album today. For the first time in months. I left it alone because we aren’t in a hurry and in case abandoning it would work well with so many ‘distractions’. Today I listened to the whole album for the first time in a while. Made notes in my head to start on the second part of the lyrics tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, here in the place I like to be most.

Home. Can’t wait until the beginning of next year when I see these guys again to make an amazing CD... Who= who ha, ha...

So, no black hole, no burn out, no black out, no… No nothing really. Well yes, an awful lot really. We have been on stage a lot this year, but that has come to an end for now. That is fine too. Next year we will play here and there during the festival season and of course we will do the Vrienden van Amstel in January.

Most of all it will be the year of looking ahead. Not back too much. We have to move on. Would you hear what I hear here? … Then you just want to go forward fast. That is what we are going to do.

And no. We won’t leave you alone a whole year. Certainly not. Much too long; we can’t wait that long!

Adios guapos! Until we meet again…

Stay safe.

(Translation courtesy to Jenneke Edwards)

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