A while ago I approached Dinand and asked if he would answer some questions for the fans like myself who are not so bright with Dutch, and the star that he is has fullfilled his promise and not only just answered the questions I submitted to him, but has given some cool and interesting answers with food for thought.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Dinand for taking time to answer the following questions: I know how precious time can be.


GINA: It's been over six years since you last played in London to a British audience. Aside from the band line up changes how would you say Kane have changed/progressed since then?

DINAND: We've become way better ha, ha, ha. No seriously… I think if you manage to keep yourself going with relevance in mind you should be getting better. And we have that in mind most of the time.

GINA: Have your musical influences changed since the beginning of Kane?

DINAND: Oh yes most definitely. I think the biggest change is that you find yourself instead of others. Took me ten years, but I think we are now influenced by ourselves, more than ever before. At least 51% of what you hear and see is real :D !

GINA: As a band what do you think has been your biggest challenge and how did you get through/over it?

DINAND: The biggest challenge has been overcoming the disappointment. You expect, you dream, you wish, you want, you need. Sometimes you don't get what you thought was yours already. We thought we made ‘Everything you want' for an international audience. We almost crashed and burned in our home country. Great album, I think; pretty much misunderstood. But we hit back.

GINA: You have always been a band for the fans and always try to stay in touch via the various networking sites. How important is this to you?

DINAND: This is our lifeline. The reason we are able to do what we do is built on it. The fans, the audience that appreciates what we do, give us our future. In 2011 it's better than ever. We get to have the most direct contact with those who are connected to the music. Twitter, Facebook and of course our www.kane.nl . We are first of all a live band… Strongly connected. We try to be the same on the net.

GINA: You have just finished an acoustic tour for the album No Surrender through Holland . How did the idea come about and what are you feelings on how the tour went down with the fans?

DINAND: The idea was there for a long time. We just thought we weren't ready for it. To do this in a respectable way, you need to be on top of your game. The beginning of 2010 we thought we could give it a go. Playing acoustically is a completely different ballgame. No electric storms to hide behind, no distracting lightshow, no big gestures… It all comes down to your skill vocally or whatever you play. It is what it is. Nothing more. Very scary, but truly great when you do it right. That's what we're told ha, ha. Maybe we'll reach that level some day!

GINA: Are there any particular songs you've wrote that you are more proud of than others and why?

DINAND: Let's say that one of five is good nowadays and let's state that one out of ten is really good… Yes! That brings us one or two really good songs per album. For the last album ‘No Surrender' songs that really stand out are ‘No Surrender' and ‘Love over healing'.

GINA: Do you get nervous before a performance or is something that comes natural to you?

DINAND: Maybe the first times I am nervous. Skip the maybe. Then, after a little while I won't be nervous anymore. I've always felt free on stage. Ever since I was ten.

GINA: Your shows are pretty intense filled with energy and emotion. How do you stay focused?

DINAND: Well. I go with the flow. I try to be in the moment the whole time. If that is ever not the case then it becomes acting. I'll say that in the early years I was in the moment, but was also acting too much. I didn't know then. It takes time to be yourself in the moment. You need time, space and patience to get to find yourself. And you don't need to be an artist for that conclusion.

GINA: What are your thoughts on religion? With so much of it in the news lately do you have any beliefs?

DINAND: I believe, yes. But in what is it I believe? I believe in the higher spirit, whatever that may be. I believe for me, music is that spiritual connection with the higher ground. I feel I've always been very much inspired by spirituality, but it expresses itself mostly and most strongly in the search for music and songs. This is my path in religion. It doesn't end with singing a new song. It starts.

GINA: You've recently done a unique house gig for a competition prize and played to 10 people. And from experience I know how amazing it was. Did it worry you how it would come across to your small audience compared to having to entertain many thousands?

DINAND: No, not at all. We are confident enough to play for any crowd. 1 or a million. If you are genuine in what you have to say it doesn't matter to whom you say it.

GINA: Vinyl's are sold as limited editions, cassettes have gone almost extinct and the CD seems to be fading with the introduction of iTunes etc as a form of way of purchasing albums. What are you feelings on the way the music is distributed these days?

DINAND: Music is getting more and more like a fast-food burger. With all its advantages, the internet also brings just so many negatives to the plate. Itunes is great, the possibility of downloading music so fast wherever you are is great, the choice, the availability it's all great. And then there are lots of negatives… Because we have to put less effort in it to get it, to give it less love and desire to hold it; we slowly change it from something that is precious into something that is easy to get and easy to lose. With a lot less love in the house, a fast-food mp3 culture has reached our soil. I don't' like McDonalds like I like a nice restaurant. 2011 music distribution becomes more and more like the Maccy D! Eat it and forget it.

GINA: The new No Surrender Platinum Edition is available worldwide for people outside of Holland to purchase, is this something we can look forward to for all future Kane releases?

DINAND: Yes for the full 100%! We are going to put more effort in our worldwidepeoples!!!

GINA: Through various ways for listening/watching on the internet there have been many fans from all over the world finding your music without it being pushed out to them, is this something you could build on?

DINAND: Well…. Of course if there are enough people. Like I said before; We're going to give it our best.

GINA: Do you have any views on the climate change?

DINAND: Of course. And I find it challenging, but difficult to find your own way in doing the right thing. So we try to be way more sustainable at home, that's where it starts. We're no saints. But at least we're sinners with a conscience…

GINA: If you hadn't been so successful in music, where would you see yourself now instead?

DINAND: Pffff… I don't know. Somewhere where I got inspired.

GINA: You recently said in an interview (JFK) that 'you've knocked it on the head' with dreams of going global is this still something we can live in hope that one day you just may give it another shot?

DINAND: Well… I think I answered that one. I love England . Biggest motivation and drive to go abroad. My wife is a Scouser. Need to play in Liverpool if only for once ha, ha. Ibiza would be nice too!

GINA: Is there a chance that the 'English' button will work on Kane.nl one day?

DINAND: Do miracles happen? YES!

GINA: What's next for Kane after the No Surrender acoustic tour?

DINAND: Last week we started working on KANE 6. Very exciting stuff coming up. A bit more bite. Coming to you in store near you at the end of this year!

GINA: Do you have anything you would like to add for everyone reading this from other countries?

DINAND: I would like to say thank you for all of the support. Let's make 2011 a great year for us to come together… Damn that should be a song sometime ha, ha.

See you on Facebook & Twitter!!! And o yes… Happy New Year!


Photo credit to: Karen Rosetzsky

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