I think you can say that this trip started the Sunday night when Kane announced the winners that would be attending this special day to attend Kane's studio in Delft where you would be given the chance to interview the guys as well. To say I was ecstatic was an under statement. So after a few quick changes to flights and stuff to head over early I was ready and on my way early hours of Tuesday morning. Having to leave Cardiff so early wasn't a problem with not being able to sleep the night before and after a good flight I touched down in Amsterdam in time for breakfast just after 8am and met up with Lydia. Lydia had offered to drive me to Delft so that I didn't get lost!

So it was back to her house first, grab some Fearless CD's from a shop and then I was on my way to Delft. Upon arriving I was greeted by a smiling Dennis who announced he was pleased I could make it to the event and Martijn arrived shortly. Whilst other fansite winners arrived I got chatting to Dennis and was made to feel at home. It was one of those times where the atmosphere was just right but everything felt surreal. Throughout the whole day it was nice to chat to other winners and everyone made me feel welcome and did their best to communicate in English.

Dinand was the last to arrive and so with that we all sat down and the day began. Dinand spoke in Dutch and after awhile realised and asked 'How is your Dutch Gina?'. I replied 'it wasn't that good!' All laughing he explained he would carry on in Dutch for now but would explain everything to me later. In all honesty it didn't matter much to me I was there and just enjoying the moments. Dennis then took over and chatted for a bit and opened to everyone for any questions. It was then back to Dinand who did mention UK and Germany and the hopes they had for returning later in the year to UK and he also went in to why they didn't return with a 2nd single after RDOM with the politcs of the record label being the reason. I was then thanked for sticking it out and keeping the site going. The rest of the winners then took in turn to ask their questions.


With the questions over, it was time to announce the top winners of the 'Fearless' design fansites. As far as I'm aware I think Kane are the only artists that have ever given these kind of awards out with the first prize being their MTV award trophy! So in 3rd place 'the legs' that Dinand used from the STS video was awarded to Miranda from Kane Cluppie after Dinand had demonstrated how they used them. In 2nd place the bass guitar that was used to make the RDOM video went to Connie from Kane Rules. Dinand went on to explain how the video we got in UK was 3 different videos rolled into one and that part of it was filmed on the back of a trailer in the Spanish mountains. Then the final drum roll for the MTV Award trophy which was given to Natasja, Milko and Anne from A Tribute to Kane. All candiates I felt did extremely well and the awards was well deserved. Dennis then said his bit and congratulations to everyone.

With the awards over Dinand said it was now time for the winners to get their interviews and he was going to start with me. So moving away to quiet spots everyone got on with the interviews/chats with a member of the band. Unfortunately with such a short time scale I never got round to writing questions as an interview and so it was more of a chat with some UK related questions thrown in! We did start off with chatting about somethings and eventually moved on to talk about UK, US and the rest of Europe. We talked about the politics that stood in the way and what prevented them releasing their 2nd single from What If in the UK and why they pulled the plug on some planned gigs they were hoping to do. We talked about my website and Dinand was interested in how/why I started it and what was the general response from the visitors I got. We discussed other music and artists we were both currently listening to and both got excited talking about Matchbox Twenty.

We talked about some of the special effects used on the Fearless album and he explained how Reyn and implemented some of them into the songs. He told me how determined Kane was to get back to UK this year and we discussed again what kind of music was popular on the UK market. Dinand mentioned when they were supporting Maroon 5 they got a better response from North England and I reminded him I was from Wales to which he replied as they've never played there he couldn't comment to which I replied that they should sort that one out and went on to educate him a little about Wales my country! I also told him that Scotland seemed to like Kane too and that should be on their list when they do return to which he said it would be as would Ireland. So it all sounds good for UK with the hope of returning later this year with 'Fearless' and a tour of the UK. It was then we realised how long we had been talking and so it was time to let the next people have their go.

I then moved on and spoke with Martijn for awhile as he was running around cleaning up, every household needs a man that cleans up! I also got the chance to have another chat with Dennis and one thing he did mention after I questioned about interviews they did over here in UK and that was how they try to make each interview different. Although it can be hard when interviewers tend to ask the same questions he was still looking forward to having to go through it all again from the begining in the UK later in the year. He did mention though that he would prefer Dinand did the interviews and he would do the internet stuff.

After talking to all 3 of them, you could sense that they had a great vibe about 'Fearless' and after seeing them perform the album all the way through I think I would totally have to agree with them.

And so they say all good things have to end and so the day for now was over. It was goodbyes and 'zie je laters' and so everyone made their way out and eventually home.

I would like to thank Kane for the invite and such a memorable day. It was nice to catch up with the people I knew from other fansites and really nice to meet the others I didn't. And so the rest of the day was a bit of a hazy day but I still had a concert to look forward to the next day with a cheesey grin!


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