23 & 24 November 2013 - METROPOOL, HENGELO & TIVOLI, UTRECHT

Writing a fan review of band you adore is always going to be biased they say, but I was brought up that if you didn't have anything nice to say then don't say anything. As I have only good things to say here is another glowing report.

Metropool - Hengelo

The 'Come Together Club Tour' was announced earlier this year and the dates I could attend got set. This trip being one of three, I had Hengelo and Utrecht mapped out and, with it being a birthday weekend I was excited to be spending it at Kane concerts in Netherlands.

The first venue - Metropool was just 4 years old and similar looking to an industrial factory unit outside; inside was a different story,  a very rock n' roll muziekcafe and a very cosy main hall holding 850 people. With a huge thanks to Dennis I was very lucky to get an invite to the sound check.  You hear all kinds of stories of what goes on at soundcheck, myself I find them interesting, a privilege to be invited and also it is nice to see the effort of songs being played over and over to get each note right. Kane are not afraid of perfection and they know what sound they want and work hard to achieve this.  The performance on the night shows the hard work paying off.  The soundcheck lasted well over an hour and it was pretty special to witness and get an insight of what was to come.

It wasn't long before I was back in the main hall ready for the show. With a nice front position I was ready. The support band 'Valerius' came first; an electro pop/rock band with a nice sound, very catchy songs and a good stage presence.

Kane soon came to the stage and those first beats had the heart pumping faster. I was more than ready for this set and everything else around didn’t matter. Every note/lyric/lick touches you in one way or another.  There was a strong presence with a very warm atmosphere in the crowd, which always makes for good show.  Opening with Heartbeat, followed by Come Together and Everything You Want was a good choice. Each song rolled and fed the crowd what they wanted to hear and see.

The setlist continued to flow; it continued to give more and continued to keep the party going. From old and current songs to favourites and hits, the energy levels never stopped.  Time has no place when you’re enjoying yourself and all good things come to end, but this wasn’t quite the end as there were encores to go. Back on stage Dinand started to talk in Dutch and I worked out he was actually saying how I had flown in from England? And it was my birthday and upon realising where I was stood he announced the next song was my birthday song. A truly touching and sweet thing to do and so High Places was played with a Happy Birthday to end. There were more songs played and a final encore of ‘Where Do I Go Now?’ symbolising the show was indeed over.  It may have come to an end but the memories will stay forever. I cannot thank this band enough for the special treatment and making me feel pretty special too; thank you from the heart.
















Tivoli, Utrecht

Arriving at Utrecht it was a lot colder than Hengelo. Tivoli is a venue I've been to before and one I like; it has a very small stage, a little compact and restricted for a band that likes to use space, but these things are not a problem for Kane, they always adapt. Once we got into the venue we very soon warmed up and waited. Valerius again was good and I found myself really enjoying them.

Again not long to wait for Kane to take to the stage. The crowd seemed livelier than Hengelo and so it didn’t take long for the show to heat up.  Some changes in the setlist and another powerful performance given. I have said many times that Kane are sold via their live shows and tonight showed this again. There are songs that I may skip on the album but given to me live opens up a whole different experience. R.E.A.L. being one of those songs, so much energy and passion and on the spot jamming…. You really don’t know what you are going to get each night, all you know it is going to be epic.  The show tonight was also a bit bizarre with some crazy electrical faults leaving the band off the stage for around 20 minutes, coming back on stage they gave it their all in one of my all-time favourite songs ‘Where Do I Go Now?’ only to be cut short due to someone in the crowd passing out. Thankfully after a few minutes he came round and got back up, but the moment of that song was gone but not to leave on that note the band gave it not just their all but more to end the show on a high with the best performance I’ve seen of ‘Tough’ a song that I'm sure most people can relate to.
















Kane are a band that just keeps giving, they take no enemies and know they've done their job right when they send everyone home with a good feeling. The chemistry between them is constantly there, they have grown, developed and perfected what people want to hear/see and they love their job more than life when they are up on that stage. This warm vibe is fed through to the audience full of passion and thanks. They are a band that are a genuine caring band that like to give their fans what they want; a night to remember and to leave content yet wanting more.


Soon I go back for another 4 shows, watch this space for more reviews and updates.

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