The time had arrived again for more Kane action and so I find myself in Schiphol airport again meeting Astrid. Astrid was going to be my lovely host for the next 2 days and get overloaded on Kane. So after an early night we got up and ate and drove back to Amsterdam. And much to surprise it was 10ish and we was the first people there! Weather didn't start off to well but soon the sun shone and so queuing in the sun was aceptable. After a few hours I got myself volunteered to be interviewed on Dutch TV. And although shaking from head to toe I did it and found it amusing firstly they asked me to say I was from UK and not Wales and then secondly when they played it on the TV they sub titled me and said I was from England! We were then fortunate enough to hear the soundcheck loud and clear and so the excitment kicked in.

I got to talk to Dion and Martijn before the show and Dion said he was much better after being ill in London but said he loved London. Martijn mentioned how he was looking forward to returning to London some time soon and was pleased as to how the showcase went.

Back at the queue the doors eventually opened and as I couldn't run the required distance I was nominated to carry the bags whilst the other girls did their sprint. I find it strange how in UK they force you to walk which to me is more civilised where here it was a free for all stampede! I swear at least 100 people passed me on my down to the stage. But my spot was saved and the bags were all handed back and so we settled down.


There was 2 support acts although the first one 'Ola Bola' was in a tent the oposite side to where we were and so we gave that one a miss. Novastar was the 2nd support and well I was there for Kane and really didn't take much notice.

And so the time arrived for the 10,000 people there and Kane took to the stage. I find it hard to write and describe how I feel with words as it is and this performance was no exception. I've seen many concerts over the years from small to large but what I witness at this concert was way above and beyond any words. It was so emotional, powerful, passionate, energetic and outstanding. Everything just seemed to be pefect from the sound to the lighting to the flame podiums and performance. This was to be their last show in Holland for this year and they definitely did it in style.

The setlist was a mixed one and finally I got to hear some songs live that I had yearned for since finding Kane. Dinand was in a mischief mood when playing with the fire whilst Dennis had his usual cheeky grin the whole way through and just oosed rockstar. Martijn gave us his best beat and Dion was Mr Coolness. I think admiration and respect belonged to Dinand this night though as he bravely came out on his own to perform Dreamer the song he wrote for his wife who had died a few months previously. Emotion washed over everyone that day and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was really moving. And on that note sadly the show was over once more. I felt just so overwhelmed to been there and to be part of such an historic concert. Afterwards I caught up with Lucy for a quick chat and then Martijn and Dinand came out to talk to the people that was left in the area.

It was great to meet up with everyone again and a huge thank you to Astrid for the hospitality. I'm already looking forward to the next one when ever that maybe and hopefully that next one will be back in UK. Thank you all for an amazing time.


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