There had been a huge build up for the 'Back to Java' concert and myself included was doing the countdown. I was fortunate to have been there 6 years ago for the first show and I was overwhelmed with that one.... So going back was going to be as equally as exciting if not more only this time it was different; I had company from a good friend. Sandra finally gave in and decided to join me so she could see Kane once more as for her it was 6 years ago since she saw them back in London.

We both made our way to Birmingham airport and it soon became apparent you get what you pay for when flying with cheaper airlines... amusing on times. We had a very hyper stag party surrounding us on the flight and thankfully the one that was the loudest got air sick and finally fell asleep, result ha-ha. Landing in Schiphol we got the train and made our way to the hotel. It was close to Java and had a view of the Island which was nice and our neighbours was a cruise ship. We went out and tried to be tourists and in fact I succeeded in doing that as I got us lost and we walked for 2 1/2 hours looking for something that just didn't exist anymore... that will teach me to read old news ha-ha.









Following morning wasn't so bright for me with 2 underlying problems deciding to show their ugly faces.... But with fantastic help from friends, more medication than what was healthy we got to the show and got to a very nice spot on the barrier. Music has always been something that has got me through good and bad times and tonight wasn't going to be an exception and so we settled down and waited and waited.... The support act came on and me and Sandra laughed, no one around us knew who they were and so we had no idea either and it just reminded us of another band that we follow who always bring unknown bands as support and well 9 times out of 10 they are not very good! Again tonight was no exception ;)

But finally came Kane time and with the intro to Taurus followed by the Netherlands national Anthem, they took to the stage and opened up with 'Heartbeat' followed by 'Something to say' and 'In Over my head'. Nice start to a very mixed setlist and a nice lengthy one too! One of the things I like about Kane is you don't have to wait for the show to warm up, they always hit the stage with so much energy it hits you straight away, from the first note you are going to be lost to them for the entire show. Following on with the setlist 'Everything you want' was next and followed with 'Damn those eyes' a song that I don't think anyone will tire of listening to. It is kind of like an anthem song for Kane (they have many others!) and one I always miss if it isn't on the setlist so was well happy. A favourite from the new album followed next 'Scream' and then 'A little something'. Next up was another song Sandra was familiar with 'Hold on to the world' played with the same amount passion and more that she remembered.











'Point blank' was next and is a song that Dinand can show his high vocals off... who'd have thought he could hit those high notes?! Next up was 'R.E.A.L.' a very live wired song which was played with so much energy. 'Fearless' has always had a different meaning when played live don't know what it is can never put my finger on it but it has deep emotions attached to it and so always goes down well live. 'Alone' soon followed and then 'Here comes the end' although it didn't single the end yet thankfully :p 'Shot of a gun' was soon followed with the biggest Kane anthem 'Rain down on me' and thankfully the rain didn't fall this time! No matter how many times you hear this song you can only just go with it and jump to the beat. The song that followed was something I had waited to hear live and here it was 'I belong to you' Another song where the lyrics mean so much and a song I always get lost in; just beautiful. This sadly though signalled the end of the main set and so everyone got to exercise their lungs and scream for more.


Back to it 'Love over healing' opened up the encore and soon followed with the very energetic 'Waiting waiting' and burst into 'Catwalk criminal' to go all the way! Love or hate this song it will stick with you and won't allow you to just stand and listen... you just have to go with it; awesome. And again they were gone.... but not leaving us on that note they came back with 'No Surrender' I will never ever get enough of this song it is just perfect but sadly all good things come to an end and after the last song 'As long as you want this' it was almost over. Goodbyes and waves were done and along came the DJ... who in turn brought Kane back on stage for a dance to some great vibes and then this time it was all over.


An absolute memorable concert spent in the best company of Kane and friends. Although my body had now shut down on me I did make it back to the hotel in time to collapse ready for our early morning call to go back home. All recovered and checked over I'll live to tell the tale again and already can't wait for my next Kane gig.









See you all again soon.


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