I often find it hard to find words to describe the way music touches me/my life and this latest event is going to cause me a bigger headache in finding the words to put to you! But here goes!

Back 2 months ago, Kane put out a competition for people to submit a video for their 4th single Scream taken from the latest album No Surrender. From 100 entries it went to 5 and then the winner was announced. Kaylee along with Alwin and Dennis submitted the winning entry with the top prize being Kane doing a gig in one of their houses. It was decided it would be Kaylee's although it was Oma and Opa's lounge where the unique special event took place. To top it all it was set for a day before Kaylee's 16 birthday.

Kaylee very sweet as she is for her 2 guests invited her Mama and myself to live and share her dream. I was already booked to fly over to surprise Kaylee for her birthday and a 3 hour trip to a festival so I had to make changes to get out there a day early; mission achieved all that remained to do now was to get there!

Arriving in Netherlands the night before I then spent the following day getting very excited with Kaylee, Karin and their family. It was soon time where only Kaylee and her Oma was allowed in the house so Kane could sound check etc while the rest of us all stayed at Kaylee/Karin's house 15 minutes away till we could make that longest walk of our lives through the streets of Gouda.

That time came where you can only dream of walking in to your lounge and find Kane setup ready to play a gig but there they were REAL! Who was the most nervous I don't know, Kane for being in unknown territory or us for living a dream? Who knows but Kane being a band that always appreciates their fans appeared just as pleased to be there as everyone else. After a few greetings we took our seats and a very deep breath.

I've seen Kane in small venues, but nothing could prepare anyone for this. They had to get a sound right for just 12 people. And although guitars and microphone was plugged in you could hear the real deal so there was no margins for any errors without us hearing them. Hearing it this way also made you realise (What we already know) how good these guys are and this also makes it hard to describe how each song touched and pulled every feeling right out of you. The vocals was like I've never heard and constantly gave me goosebumps; no note was to high or low, they were reached every time.

The setlist was as follows: No Surrender, Something To Say, In Over My Head, Not Here, Fearless, Point Blank, Before You Let me Go, Love Over Healing, Rain Down On Me and London Calling. You could say we had the scoop of what is to come on the acoustic tour in October and well if I could I would be at many more shows after that phenomenal set.











Some things noted, Dinand said they would be asking for requests so long as it was one of their own! But when Kaylee asked for 'Not Here' or 'Tough' I think they already was sorry for asking but not to disappoint they gave 'Not Here' a bash when Dennis had worked out how to play it... Dinand how ever improvised the lyrics for a whole verse and chorus and then played Kaylee's 3rd option of Fearless.

Half way through the set Kaylee decided it was time to top up drinks and dish out food and so although the first notes was played for the next song they kept that introduction going till she was ready... Also taking the time themselves to sample a Welsh drink and Gouda cheese!

Never being short of something to say/ask when Dinand at one point asked if anyone had any questions either everyone was to nervous or was just lost in the moment no one said anything, and so not being able to keep quiet on the best of times I piped up with the question which I gave up asking as I already knew the answer to but we got a story about an England shirt that Dinand kept in Ibiza which he had bought back in 2004 and now it was gone... ouch that hurt but the line after soon put the hopes back up; phew! I'm sure you can guess the question was 'When are you coming back?'!

Dinand talking in Dutch as he should, realised at one point and said I really needed to start learning Dutch and I piped up I had a teacher in Kaylee, Dennis showed concern of what words she was teaching me though ;)

Rain Down On Me was meant to be the last song but Dinand offered a request from me for travelling over and so with UK still on my mind I asked for 'London still Calling'. He then went on to tell us how Dennis had actually wrote that song (nice) and so it all finished on those notes.

After the show, more drinks and food was consumed, chats was had and photo shoots was done. It was nice to see that although the show was over, the guys didn't want to run and hung around for a bit. But all good things have to come to an end so we can look forward to the next and so there was no goodbyes just see you tomorrows from us and we waved them off and started to breath again.

I'm just a normal person who has many up's but mainly down's but it comes with life and well you learn to deal with it. But the up's I've had have been pretty spectacular and when back in 2006 I got to go a BBQ in Hyde Park with the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl was the cook for the day I still have to pinch myself now and wonder did that really happen. To try and describe to you how I felt and still feel with this exceptional house gig in Gouda with Kane can only be related to that day because this certainly was on the same par and if I can still get those good feelings 4 years on from that I'm already feeling good knowing I will get the same from this.

The following morning we got up early to start celebrations for Kaylee's birthday and to get ready for a 3 hour drive to Uithuizen the home of Eemspop festival. Food & drinks bought and car loaded up we made our way up North! It wasn't the best weather with very heavy rain showers and I had packed everything but a coat... well done Gina it was going to be a very wet day!

We arrived to the site about an hour before gates and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Kaylee and showered her with more presents. The gates soon opened and we all took our place on the barrier with a very short wait for Kane. It's always a great feeling when they take to the stage and well still smiling from yesterday we was ready to party for the next hour with them. Opening with Heartbeat followed by Something to Say we didn't keep still. Still in Dancing mode Everything You Want followed by Scream and boy did we do that! Damn those Eyes was dedicated to all the fans that do a lot of travelling and keep turning up at all the gigs. Hold on to the World the song for a jam with Dennis. Shot of a Gun, love it, back to the DJ mode Rain Down on Me, and closing off with an almost tearful Love Over Healing. But the Kane part of the party wasn't over yet as they came back with No Surrender & Catwalk Criminal. I really do love the energy and effort this band put in to each and every performance but it always makes me greedy for more!

The girls got Kaylee a very nice t-shirt that was crying for Dennis to see/sign and so we made our way outside. Soaked to the skin already 3 times over. The wait wasn't too long for Dennis to come out and it was safe to say he was pleased to see the t-shirt. A while later Dinand stopped to wish the birthday girl greetings and so that really was the end of the Kane party.... but the night was still young, so leaving a town with nothing in it we headed to Groningen, got lost a few times over trying to find car parks and hotel but we got there in the end! Dried off, changed and off we went into the night to continue a weekend that will never be forgotten.

Thankful for technology we can all keep living the memories if ever they should fade.. but I don't think that is going to happen any time soon.

A huge thank you to everyone for 2 amazing days, especially Kaylee, Alwin and Dennis who without their efforts the house gig wouldn't have happened and to my extended Dutch family for everything else. Also Kane deserve a mention because without them I wouldn't be in Holland anyway! Dank u wel.


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