My trips to the Netherlands have always been eventful in one way or another and this trip was no exception. I had to book flights at crazy times in order to go but I knew it would be worth it. And so very little sleep on Friday, 4am on Saturday morning I was out of bed and on my way to the airport for 6.10 flight. With time difference and delays I was in Schiphol about 9 and on the road to Gouda where I spent a few hours catching up with good friends.

Later in the afternoon we then drove to Kersouwe, a beautiful outdoor theatre set in a forest. It was a few hours before the gates opened but time went by very quickly with Kane doing a 2 hour sound check for our entertainment. Upon arriving inside the venue, I couldn't resist to stop at the top and take it all in, it really was something. The stage was set with a castle wall in the background, a stream ran in front of it and there was stone benches that tiered from the bottom up. The only downside to it was the mosquitoes was definitely biting! We found a spot a few rows up and was happy, although as it was perfect I almost forgot pictures! All settled in and after a support act that needs no mentioning we was ready for Kane. That time came around 10.15PM! No matter on the time we was ready to party with Kane.

I'm afraid I don't have the order of the setlist but I can talk about the highlights of the night and tell you what I remember being on the setlist; No Surrender, In Over My Head, Scream, Mother, A Little Something, Hold On To the World, Fearless / Alone, Here Comes The End, Point Blank, Shot Of A Gun, Don't Let It Pass You By, REAL, Rain Down On Me, Something To Say (Acoustic), Tough, Senang, Love Over Healing and Catwalk Criminal. I'm sure there was more though!

So here we was again, ready to enjoy, savour, and cling on to ever memory we could get from the gig, whilst having a damn good time in awe and wonder from a band that have evolved to something pretty awe inspiring. We danced, rocked, and had a good party going on for songs that would allow and for the ballads well guess what? We still rocked! Kane really do have it off to a 'T' when it comes to performing live giving their fans something different every single show. Each song is transpired from an album track to something that is always quite remarkable live.

Opening with No surrender, has become a real good choice to kick start and a favourite for me. I have to say though that some songs just don't do it on an album but live? they become magnificent. REAL being one of them, you never really get the full feeling for that song until you've seen it performed live and another one is Catwalk Criminal. Both huge dance tracks and crowd participation interacting.

A Little Something brought some humour to the show when the woo hoo's was a bit faint and Dinand demonstrated that maybe it was time to go home to sleep.

Rain Down On Me, is a track you hear on the album/radio and get that feeling you want to get up and dance never mind being in a magical setting and hearing/watching it live. Dinand how ever tried desperately to cross the stream that was well just a bit too deep and ended up getting his feet wet, slipping and having rather a lot of people left with gaping mouths in hope that he hadn't injured his back in the fall; phew he bounced back to normal shortly after.

Something To Say was a taster of what is to come for the tour in October as it got played acoustic and wow, truly preeminent. Bring it on already!

Hold On To The World is what I call a Dennis song. It is one that he can show us how amazing his guitar playing skills are. It is his time to shine, and tonight he did more than that it was absolutely ace.

I think the most heart stopping, mind blowing song of the evening went to Don't Let It Pass You By. Not one that is played live often but when it is, you are left with wishing it was played more frequent but then would the magic and wanting for the song still be the same? Who knows I just know that again it left me breathless for the entire song.



My Dutch is very very minimal and well I tend to just smile, clap and cheer when everyone else does, but I think I got it right when just before Love Over Healing Dinand talked about the Indo people arriving in boats many years ago to Holland to start new lives escaping the war that was in their country. I'm sure someone will correct me if I got it wrong ;)

The show ended always in the best way, leaving everyone wanting more! Each member of the band then threw out flowers to the crowd although Robin seemed to like his and kept them. It was about a 2 hour set and 2 hours of pure ecstasy.

Always a bonus getting to talk to the guys and tonight I briefly spoke to Dinand and said that they really do have to break the curfew and bust out of Holland! Who knows, I'll just keep campaigning and if not I'll just keep going back to Holland.

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