Still fresh from the Ado stadium gig when an invite was received inviting me back to a special concert for the webmasters of fansites and hyves groups to say I was excited already was an understatement. So just over 2 weeks later I was on my way back to the Netherlands for a very secret gig that was part of the 10 year history of Kane with the venue being Le Vagabond, one of the venues that they very first played in all those years ago!

After a very eventful night on the Tuesday with some wonderful crazy fun loving girls I was more than happy to be back so soon. Having a very nice day sight seeing in Rotterdam in the sunshine made my visit so far seem more like a holiday but soon the time came as to why I was there and so I set sail to Le Vagabond for this special, unique concert.

There was about 50 people maybe that turned up and we all squeezed into this small bar and shed a few pounds in buckets of sweat. Already the atmosphere was set as hot and steamy and that was before the main show took to the stage!

The show was played semi acoustic and I'm told the set was going to be about half an hour and there was no setlist, they were just going to play what they felt was right at the time but it was obvious they were having such a good time and actually played for about 75 minutes. From start to finish it was clear that not only was Kane having fun on stage the atmosphere was pretty special for everyone that was there and is safe to say everyone will be walking around with big cheesy grins for sometime after that.

The set began with their first single 'Where do I go now’ which as always was received so well and there was plenty of smiling faces singing at the top of their lungs in the chorus. They followed this with a song I've not heard live before from their last album called 'Tough'. A song that has so much emotion live and you can appreciate it more with 'Before you let me' go following on. Next came 'Shot of a Gun' a personal favourite again from the latest album with the place bursting out the 'na na naaa na na's' you would think there was more like 500 people there.


This followed with one huge amazing jam of 'R.E.A.L.' even with an acoustic Dennis can strum a pretty mean note. This set the pace for the next 2 songs which despite the heat in that place had everyone bouncing around and enjoying every second of the songs: 'Hold on to the World' and ' Rain down on me'. After hearing 'Rain Down on Me' so many times back in 2004 when it was released in UK you would think I would tire of hearing the song, but from the first chord struck I absolutely adore it every time and you just can't help but to dance your socks off to it. This brought that sound that Dennis thought was amusing as he struck those very familiar notes of Catwalk Criminal and even after it was over he had great pleasure in playing them again! Unfortunately these amazing performances come to an end but they weren't going to leave it there and finished on 'Waiting Waiting'. Once the final note was played and the thank you's was done, you never seen so many people run for air outside.

Dinand and Dennis spent so much time after the show with everyone, signing, answering questions and posing for pictures; Dennis even obliged with a special favour (thank you!). As always they are so warming to their fans and have great humour. I'll never forget the greeting I got from Dennis and the response from Dinand upon seeing them. And as always it was lovely to spend time with Lucy to catch up.


And so that brings me to the end of this adventure. Thank you so much Kane for an amazing time. I still live in hope and keep everything crossed that just one day.... You never know.


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