I left Cardiff at 6.30 in the morning for my train journey to London. I had planned to do a few things during the day and so an early start was needed. And so once in London I headed out to Kings Cross to meet Astrid, Conny, Debbie and Iris who had just travelled over. It was nice to see them all again and so we headed to the venue and you can guess we was the first to arrive. Although the weather was fine this time so we made our temorary homes on the street till we could check into the hotel.

Some of the people who won my comptetion arrived followed shortly by Lou & Nic and all 10 of us settled down to the long wait but unfortunately the weather took a bad turn and so we had gale force winds and rain to contend with but we stood our ground.

I had been told that the guys was late for their soundcheck but soon they was to arrive in a typical London taxi right in front of us. Dennis on camcorder they got out with huge grins seeing some crazy fools queuing already in the bad weather. They were all given welcoming gifts which they seemed really pleased with and then Dinand said he was going to try and get the 10 of us in on the sound check.... oh yes!

We were put on the balcony to witness it and it was good to see them setup, stop, start, adjust and get the sound they were looking for although Mean Fiddler is one of those venues where no artist has ever achieved to get that sound. After 30 minutes or so, some of us headed back outside to the queue as I had to give the other competition winners their tickets and I managed to get a glimpse of some my friends.

Doors opened soon after that and so we headed in. There was going to be a little time till Kane came on and so I took the time to do some KaneKrew recruiting.


Then it was Kane time! They gave the whole show their all. It was absolutely amazing and outstanding performance. Although the venue wasn't full it was still a good atmosphere and over 300 people all had a good time. Dinand made some fantastic crowd interactions and was singing to some of the many Dutch fans that made the trip. He danced and jumped the whole show. He bantered about the football, said Dion was to cool to be Dutch and even when there was obvious sound problems he apoligised that he couldn't hear himself sing and hoped that it sounded ok to us. No worries there mate! You could see that all of them genuinely had a fantastic time as did everyone that was there. But as this was a show case it was over too soon. Thankfully for our work with the KaneKrew Lou, Nic, Sandra and myself we was invited to the after party.

We had an awesome time with plenty of drinks going round, plenty of chat and laughter and a good time had by all. Paula and Lucy thank you both so much for the invite. Time flew by so quickly although 2 hours later we was leaving. The guys was amazing and although they were inter-mixing with the media people they still kept coming back to talk to the other people with demands of autographs, pictures and questions. I managed to have a really cool chat with Dinand about what the future holds for Kane and had some laughs with Dennis talking about football. Martijn was as sweet as ever and Dion although feeling unwell he did his best to make sure he covered all corners. It was nice to meet Diana and chat about all kinds of things including merchandise in the UK.

I think I speak for us all when I say thank you so much for giving us the oportunity to carry on with the party after the show was over. We had an amazing time and all I can say is KANE ROCKS!


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