As you can guess I was very excited when my plane took off from Cardiff especially as the lady sat next to me was also a fan of Kane! No sooner as we were up we were back down again landing at Schiphol. I made my way to the hotel and took an evening stroll along the canals.

Waking up in the morning I skipped breakfast and headed to the stores to get a few album copys of a certain band! Heading out to the venue just after lunch I found that the queuing had already started and decided to wait too! Although it was cold time passed with meeting people and eating John's fries! It was lovely to catch up with Lucy again since she left for Holland and hilarious that Dennis thought I was Zena when people tried to tell him I was in the queue. He came and chatted for awhile and appeared to be very excited about the new album and performing the songs from it. Martijn also wandered over and chatted with everyone. Each time you meet these people it proves how down to earth they are and how grateful they are to their devoted fans.

Doors finally opened and after a few scuffles I found a place on the barrier and settled down for the show. The stage appeared to be really high with my 5' height but still there was plenty to see. The curtains finally opened and Kane took to the stage and a drew a huge breath as it was just so good to see them all up there again. Dennis had said earlier that they planned to play the whole Fearless album from start to finish and that is exactly what they did. The crowd took it all in listening intensely to each song and soaking it all up. For me this was the first time hearing any of the songs from the album and on first listen there is no other words to describe it but emotional. It is very deep and very passionate. Kane portrayed the songs perfectly and set each indivual one with different kinds of emotion. I have to say earlier in the day it came across my mind that I must have been mad sat on the cold streets in a different country on my own but after the performance there was no doubt in my mind as to why I did it.


I hung around talking to some people and putting faces to names and had a quick chat with Martijn again who said that UK wasn't forgotten. I eventually made my way outside where to have a chat with Lucy and Diana. And then upon my journey back to the hotel I met Martijn again!

Putting on the TV when I got back to the hotel I found it amusing that I caught the video of Something to say just 4 times in an hour now if only we could get them to do that in UK!

Morning arrived and after some hours shopping it was time to get back home to see my family and reflect on yet another great time thanks to Kane.


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