Not sure where to start with this one as it was all short notice and surprises! I had heard that Kane was coming to London but it was a closed private gig. But can you imagine my delight when an email dropped into my mailbox offering me an invite. It had been just over 3 years since I last saw Kane and although my passion and support was still there due to family circumstances I had to step back from travelling to Holland to see them perform.

So on Tuesday I got the invite but I was already going to Nottingham on the Friday and had to work out a way to get to London from there. But with an understanding family I managed to sort out a plan. The Friday unfortunately though turned in to what was a bit of a mental day and plans all changed at the last moment but it meant that I could arrive in to London earlier than planned.

When I got to London I headed out to first meet up with a friend not knowing the amount of wine that I was consuming at the time was going to have an adverse affect on me later, I would like to think I recovered well but get the feeling I didn't but.... I left to go and check into my hotel later in the afternoon which proved to be a little problem but I got there in the end!

I got it together and headed across the road to where Kane was going to be. So me and 100 Dutch people waited for the studio to open where Kane was going to perform and I passed time with some people that had remembered me and they were telling me about the competition they had to enter to win the trip to London as I topped up on more liquids!

But even after getting into the studio and standing just inches away from where Kane was soon to stand amongst all these Dutch fans, I still don't think it registered that I was about to witness something that I had yearned and craved to see for the past 3 years! That was until Kane took to the stage. Straight away the energy burst right at us, the guys looked different they was more relaxed and appeared to be having so much more fun. They played a mixutre of songs from old to new and back again. I never thought I would see them perform in UK again and ok it was a private gig for the competition winners but it was still London and I think that showed how pleased they was to be back here and playing again and I think my cheesey face also showed how happy I was they was back here!

It was after a few songs was played that Dennis spotted me and a few songs later mid song Dinand saw me. It was a nice feeling that they still remember me even after all that time and how welcoming they were. Once the song finished Dennis then came over and said how pleased he was I made it and Dinand told everyone why I was there... in Dutch so I never understood any of it except my name, all good they told me!

It was towards the end of the gig that Dinand was looking to the back of the studio whilst talking when suddenly there was a huge cheer; Dinand actually announced that he and Lucy was to be married which is absolutely amazing. Congratulations to you both.

And so they played their final notes and it left me overwhelmed that I finally got to see them again when I had given up hope and that it was a pretty special gig at that. I enjoyed their performances so much before, but not seeing them for so long kind of proved that I've missed a lot and that is something that I'll have to rectify next year.


I met up with Lucy afterwards and we went off to get a drink! It was so nice to see her again and catch up and chat and to get time to talk to Dinand and Dennis. Dinand apoligised for not returning to UK as they hoped although I knew the reasons as to why. I was surprised as to how good Dinand's memory is when he mentioned a few things in conversation and Dennis was his usual humourous self and we joked a little.

Again another amazing time and beautiful memories to cheerish and talk about in years to come. Thank you for the invite Dinand and Dennis and for passifying my longing to see you live again.


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