Dinand posted a blog today to announce that some members of the band will be leaving Kane. It's all for good reasons and it doesn't stop the process of album number 6, the one we all hope will make them International stars too. Read on for the translation of the blog which can be found on Kane.nl


As at the end of each year, there always comes a moment when we ask ourselves what we will be doing the next year and what we will possibly do together. The last four years we have, each to our own, managed to coordinate separate and joint plans, which led to a fantastic time, that started on a pontoon in Rotterdam on New Year's Eve 2007.

Now at the end of 2011 we ask ourselves the same question as we do each year. This time we come to the joint conclusion that 2012 is going to be a different year. Different from a personal view and different in priorities. In short: it is time to let each other go.

Dennis, Robin and I are turning in a different direction for the sixth Kane album. Joost is, amongst other things, entering a busy year with his New Cool Collective. Nico is starting an intimate theatre tour with Angela Groothuizen and Ivo will focus more on his Herman Brood Academie.

However contrary to a carefully built Kane tradition in past times this time there will be no murder or manslaughter:-). We are proud of all the beautiful moments we experienced together. Happy also that we were able to find that with each other. It has been a beautiful time which we will bring to a suitable close during ‘De Vrienden van Amstel 2012'.

Back to Rotterdam one more time. Then everyone will continue on their own paths.

This is how it should be every so often. Letting go to continue. Without a doubt with a tear and a smile, but certainly with a great feeling about what is to come!

Certainly on behalf of Dennis, Ivo, Nico, Robin, Joost and the whole team here …

Happy New Year!

Stay safe,


(Translation courtesy to Jenneke Edwards)

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