Day 1

An early flight saw me return to Netherlands for the 2nd out of 3 trips for the Come Together Club Tour. Again another 2 shows but both of them at Paard van Troje.  A venue that is small yet carry's great acoustics.  It was a cold weekend and a wet one at that, but the weather didn't matter. We got into the venue and got a nice front spot once more and waited for Valerius to take to the stage.  I really enjoyed their set once more and already got good vibes from them.

Kane soon after Valerius finished took to the stage with a huge entrance of stock piled energy and opening with 'Heartbeat', 'Come Together' and 'Everything You Want'.  Every time I go to a show it reminds me that I should know more Dutch by now as Dinand does like to talk sometimes. I picked up from my small knowledge just before bursting into 'Hold On To The World' how one time he almost met Nelson Mandela but got sick. Running through the setlist and knocking each song off with great passion and fulfilling their audiences desires to hear certain songs, it was the first time this tour that I got to hear Fearless. Such an emotional song that eats you up regardless.

'No Surrender' this tour has seen many 'guest' singers, these being other members of the band or someone from the audience. Today it was the turn for a lady called Vicky and a guy called Martin. Together they sang the song with the band and created some laughs along the way. A few more songs through and encore passed, it was time for that song that you never know when it is going to end and what it is going to hold. The beginning of R.E.A.L. was sounded out and Dinand encouraged everyone to come closer to the stage and kept calling and calling for it. He then invited people on to the stage to dance and eventually once it was full, he dived into the crowd. Once the stage had been cleared it was time for that powerful song 'Catwalk Criminal' and finishing with 'Where Do I Go Now?' and when I say finishing that was before they came back on for more song, this one was dedicated to Lucy and also one I hold closely and so the show was over with 'It's London Calling'.  2 1/2 hours later, totally exhausted from an awesome show.

It was a very feisty show and most enjoyable.  Lots of energy and great vibes. Another show that will be up there with one of the rememberable ones. Making our way out of the venue it was nice to chat to Valerius and to catch Lucy before she left. And so Day 1 was done and over, it was time to get back to the hotel and time to get some rest ready to do it all again in the morning.


Day 2

After such an energetic gig the night previously I wasn’t sure what to expect the 2nd evening. Just like that Forest Gump film, you never know what you are going to get when it comes to a Kane show. We arrived into the venue and got ourselves a nice spot at the front and prepared for Valerius performance once more.  Again growing on me more and I’m finding I’m now learning the lyrics as well as humming the tunes.
















Kane took to the stage slightly earlier than the night before and opened with ‘I Love This City’ a favourite of mine from the new album.  First time hearing this one this tour and I was pleased as I thought it may not be played at all.  The band rolled through the songs giving each one their signature of uniqueness, nothing played the same as it has been, always something different.  No matter what show I'm at or what band I'm seeing there is always one song that stands out each time for me and that always varies. Tonight this song was 'Tough'. Lyrics, vocals, guitar licks, just everything about it got me. When a band has been together for so long there are always songs that get dropped and through time you really hope that they get an airing once more and for me  ‘Hands’ is one of those songs. So tonight not being disappointed there it was towards the end of the set. It’s been awhile since hearing it live and they didn’t disappoint with the version played.

Although the show was pretty awesome and had a great atmosphere, I did feel something was missing something from the first night, still I walked away content I'd seen another great performance. And with 2 more shows to go in a few days time who knows what else Kane will pull out of the bag!


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