No Surrender tryout

Just back from the run of 3 shows to celebrate 10 years of Kane, I find myself wanting to go back to Kaneland for the newly announced tryout gigs in Den Haag. There was one problem and that was my husband's birthday being on the 2nd date but one is better than none and so 6 weeks later I was on my way. I did worry as the weather was so bad it felt more like being at sea not in the sky but we landed safely in Amsterdam and by train I was then on my way to Den Haag.

Hotel was really nice but it was late and so no time to explore it was something to eat and bed. Morning arrived and I ventured around the town. After lunch I made my way to the venue to find already some people waiting and so I joined them. What can I say I'm British and we like to queue! It all became amusing when I had to get the contents of this box back to the hotel and so off I went to the amusement of other people!

Back at the venue, the amusement continued when I was told that these biscuits are thrown out onto the floor and the kids eat them on Sinta Klaas Day..... They were nice for dog looking biscuits I have to say!

Finally doors opened, maybe not quite the one we wanted open but still we got in found a nice spot on the balcony and got ready for what was to be bestowed upon our ears.

Kane took to the stage and opened with what has become one of my favourites of the CD 'Heartbeat'. It is a catchy song with a catchy chorus and definitely had me grinning and yearning for more. No Surrender followed next and with this being the 1st single from the album everyone already learned the lyrics and it turned into a huge singalong. I have to say this song is my ultimate favourite off the album, the lyrics suit the music and well I'm sure everyone can relate to the words. This was followed by a couple of songs which everyone was familiar with being REAL, Rain Down on Me and Shot of a Gun. Time for another new one being 'A Little Something' a little to many do do do's for me but still a very enjoyable listen. Here comes the End has a really cool beat to it and is a song that builds up to full blown end requiring much air drums to be played! Following on was Catwalk Criminal and the once already heard new version of 'Scream'. Another favourite of mine from the album, with so much significance to the lyrics once more. After a short break they came back for one more new song 'Love Over Healing' a very touching song that was written for a Dutch movie. Very powerful and emotional.

The show was over way to quickly but then we always want more when we got a good thing going on. It was really nice to catch up with Lucy once more, and funny to see Dennis's face when he saw me there again; apparently I'm amazing, what can I say, I enjoy the company!




So back at the hotel that had become the Kane fan camp we all sat around a huge table where beverages was consumed, some chatting was done and some nibbles was eaten. Sadly it was a goodbye from me once more as again I had an early morning flight whilst the girls had another show to attend. Up bright and early I wish I could say I had a better flight home but no it was also another very bumpy ride back to Cardiff but thankfully a safe one.


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