It was Thursday, I had the new U2 album blasting through my ears and there I was touching down once again in Amsterdam. It was the afternoon and so I checked in to the hotel which had a nautical feel but before I knew it was time to go and have some fun. So I went and met up with Lucy, champagne was on ice and certainly put a spring in my step and we did some catching up and shared exciting things. I eventually made my way over to the Paradiso club and passed time away chatting to people till the doors opened. I have to say I did find the stage really high but then I would being a shorty.

Kane come on the stage and they always make your heart skip a beat because you know you are going to have a damn good time for the next 2 hours. They just emitted this awe of energy whilst playing a mixed set of old and new songs. This was my first experience of seeing/hearing Taurus live and this song just sent the crowd into a frenzy. They were all in good moods and the vibes they gave off was electrifying. From the start with 'Go' to the end with 'Love for the sake of life' I just got lost in it all and savoured every beat, every riff and every lingering vocal.

But unfortunately the show came to the end, they took their bow but this time I knew there was more to come in just 2 days as I wasn't going home just yet! I hung around after the show for a bit and it was nice to put some more faces to names. Martijn upon spotting me in a very strong English accent said 'How are you?!' followed by a hug and also Dennis asked where the heck had I been! Home Dennis! I was just about to leave when a good friend saw me and although it was our first time meeting we had chatted for so long on the net and time just flew and we realised that after all that chatting everyone had gone. Sandra it was so nice to finally see you and to set a good friendship in place.


So after a good sleep I woke up to a 'free' day which meant I had time to explore and meet up with people. Although I had been to Holland a few times now, I finally got on a tram which was a bit of novelty. I spent the afternoon eating and drinking and talking Kane and the evening meeting up with an old friend whom I not seeing in over 2 years and we had lots to catch up on!

And so this day was also over and back to the hotel to find myself locked out but finally getting in, a restless sleep was had and before I knew it was morning. A bit rough around the gills I got myself up and ready early as today was Almere.


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