Where do Kane go Now?

This trip to Amsterdam was my last for the year, the last 2 gigs of the tour and the last shows from Kane whilst they take a sabbatical to concentrate on other things.  It had already proved to be an emotional one with problems getting there, but I was so glad I made it to the biggest party in town.  Having been to Paradiso before, I knew what to expect from the venue. It is a great place to go with a good sound and always an amazing atmosphere.

Day 1

Arriving early and geting an invite to soundcheck once more I was already overwhelmed with the generosity of Kane and their crew (thanks Ramona) so this was pretty special again. Once inside and out of the cold we took a seat and after speaking with Dinand briefly the soundcheck took place. Some songs got played through once ,others many times to get it how they wanted. There was some filming going on too. After many songs played it was over and Dinand and Dennis came down for a bit before they went to prepare  themselves for the show. Watching these guys get the perfection they want shows the hard work paying off when they repeat and add flare later during the performance.  Fortunately we got to stay to see Valerius soundcheck too who have really grown on me.

And so with it being time for the show, a nice spot on the balcony was picked.  Valerius did their set to which I found myself singing along to many of their songs; very catchy, really nice vocals and thoroughly enjoyed. The venue soon filled up to the rafters and the time came that we had all been waiting for.


Kane took to the stage with 'Heartbeat' and immediately the energy levels were off the top end of the scale. This being the second show that went on sale and not quite being the last, although the crowd gave off a great atmosphere the best was yet to come. And I know I have said this before but again with Kane the setlists can be very similar yet each time you hear/see them live the shows are totally different, each one unique. They played through the setlist with favourites old and new and heavy and light. 'Hold On To The World' always a personal favourite and one you know Dennis is going shine in his solo moment to 'High Places' where Dinand demonstrates his vocal scales. 'R.E.A.L.' on the album is quite the up-tempo song but when played live it becomes a beast and tonight it stole the show for me. 'Where Do I Go Now?' Was the last on the setlist, a song where it all started for Kane and a huge crowd pleaser and just when you think it is all over, Kane think not and come back on for 'First Crash Overthrow' which saw many people run straight back in for the finale. Everyone left with huge grins and a feeling of content, but there was still one more show to go. Outside I was so pleased to catch up with Lucy who is an inspiration but it was late and so time to go to eat and get warm!
















Day 2


Having had so much fun up on the balcony from the first night we decided it was where we wanted to be for this last show. For many reasons it was a good choice to witness a show of all that was going to blow any meter readings into the sky! It was going to prove to be a very emotional show where different people connected more with different songs to others knowing the hiatus was on the horizon. And so with our spot secured we waited for the show to begin. Valerius took to the stage and again I loved their set. Even they pulled out all the stops to warm the crowd up, awesome performance from them and I hope to see again some time.

Kane came on earlier than other shows much to my delight and kicked the show off this time with 'Under Atomic Skies'. Before they broke into the next song champagne was brought to the stage and the band made a toast to thank everyone for their support before breaking into 'Come Together'. Only the second song in and the energy levels oozing around Paradiso was incredible. Each song they played had a different edge and the guys poured their heart and souls into each and every song. 'No 'Surrender' saw Dinand look fear in the face and laugh as he came on to the balcony to sing and play his guitar whilst dangling over the edge. I think many hearts stopped beating as the lyrics was sung back at a high level and a dangerous level at that.


The setlist had changed slightly from the previous night and with a specific guitar being brought out for Dinand being recognised, it was known that 'Fearless' was next. From the balcony I saw many tears shed and many people being comforted. The audience really connect with the lyrics for their own personal lives. But the mood was changed right back up there as they ripped through the set. 'Rain Down On Me' was pretty spectacular and again R.E.A.L. We saw Dinand dive into the crowd and surf his way through the many hands that was pushing him along on top.

 I felt tonight the band could have just kept playing, it was like they knew it was the end, wanted to leave us with their best efforts but like us didn't want it to be over. 'Where Do I Go Now?' was supposed to be the end once more, and what a song to end this show that tops all, but the guys came back on stage one last time for 'It's London Calling' and this is the song that did it for me. Wow!  Sitting down collecting our memories realisation set in this was the end of an out of this world tour. It was lovely to meet up with people from Southern Ireland and Luxemburg and to share each others experiences of the show.


Moving downstairs I said goodbyes to Valerius with a promise to return next year as they had a void to fill. There was a lot of other goodbyes too and lots of mixed feelings from the lovely Dutch fans that had become friends. Dinand and Dennis also came out to the foyer with champagne for people which was a nice touch. After spending time outside chatting and sharing stories it was lovely to see Lucy and Dinand before leaving to say thanks for the ride and to wish each other well. And bang this really was the end of the line.

Thank you so much to Kane, their crew and extended family. Thanks for the generosity, the good vibes, the high energy levels and the music. I have been a fan for almost 10 years and the warm content feeling I leave Netherlands with never goes away. Good luck with the new adventures and I like many hope that either the following year passes quickly or you miss performing so much you come back sooner. Cheers guys.

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