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3 days of Kane was always going to be exciting and so with my 3rd visit to the Netherlands this year to see Kane, I arrived in Amsterdam Sunday afternoon. It was a great flight over, I checked into my hotel and set off to the place I was going to spend my next 3 days which was at Paradiso!

I've been a fan of Kane for over 5 years now and when I think back how they had me locked and hooked back then to how they are now it ceases to amaze me that they are still the best kept Dutch secret. In the 5 years that I've supported them there is so much magic between these guys it really does hit you, hook and reel you in and then emits out so much energy, entertainment, pure music and an atmosphere you could never describe without a huge WOW!

These 3 shows had the same setlist for each show as they were to mark 10 years of Kane since their first single 'Where Do I Go Now' but somehow each night was different not just in the antics that Dinand got up to or how some songs were played slightly different. I don't think it was the atmosphere each night that was different either. It was just that these guys are so professional they can play the same setlist and have you believe it is different each time because of that same magic I mentioned earlier. They have just grown and stuck with what they believe in and learned how to please their crowd each and every time.


Upon arriving at Paradiso there was already a few fans there and so I spent some time catching up with people. Doors opened at 7 and it was a huge rush to get to the spot that everyone wanted.... We aimed for the balcony upstairs and got a nice position just over looking the stage. 19 songs ready to be played from start to finish and blimey did it get hot in there or what?! It was strange to hear the songs in the order of release but some how Kane managed to get them to flow nicely together. Not being able to see this band live as much as I like I've never been disappointed with them and they always amaze me with their ability to just keep raising the goal posts of expectations. 19 songs were on the setlist and 19 songs we got. All sung and played with so much energy, full of emotion, passion and entertainment. Best song of this show was 'Rain Down on Me', being on the balcony seeing the crowd do all the jumping and arm swaying with shouty pointy was awesome. A favourite song from the last album was the last to be sung being the last single released and so the show was over with 'It's London Calling'. I still say LONDON IS STILL CALLING!!!!!


After the show I headed off to the American with some old friends; Sandra & Maud who I've not seen since 2006 and it was so cool to meet and talk to Novo who had some amazing stories to tell from the early days of Kane. And so later than planned it was back to the hotel where Lisa and I had breakfast at 2am!!!!!!

It was nice to be up on the balcony to see things from a different aspect but I do like to be down on the floor in the atmosphere and when possible right up there in the front! And so I had breakfast and headed to Paradiso and met up with the girls for some more waiting waiting.... Lunch was at the HRC and my eagle eye spotted the Kane guitar one more time to the amusement that they've spelt Dinand's name wrong on the plaque!

Just after 7 doors open and to the front we head. Nice spot to the left perfect! As mentioned we got the same setlist each show but you know this performance was better. Rain down on me got Dinand crowd surfing and 'My best wasn't good enough' he was up on the balcony half off and half on! He said he likes to make things different.... I was with a bunch of girls known as the Jovi girls and with 'Catwalk Criminal' they brought a little something that made a huge hit with 'Captain Crash' at the 'Jovi' shows and so out came the confetti! Upon que we all threw the confetti up and over and so the party got more in to swing. I absolutely love the earlier albums but there is something about the last album (WhateverYouWant) I just couldn't get into but hearing these songs live it sure changes your mind and aspect of them. Favourite song for this night just had to be 'Let it Be'. The emotion that Dinand puts into the vocals on this song gives you goose bumps; just amazing.

Show over once more and still one more to go we eventually head out of the hall into the street to try and find everyone. Dinand came out to pose for pictures and sign stuff but I stood back but all good he spotted me and so I got to have a small chat with him :) Upon waiting for Lisa I got chatting with a really nice girl who had travelled from the Czech Republic which was really cool. Afterwards, Lisa was starving and so we headed off to get her some food and then back to the hotel for yet another late night.

And so 3rd and final day arrived and so into the morning I went out to the streets in search of the Jovi girls for breakfast in an Irish pub! Full stomachs it was back to our spot on the steps for yes you guessed more waiting waiting. Upon doors opening I had a bit of a problem getting in and so everyone shot passed me and 10 minutes later I got in and thankfully the girls saved me a spot, phew!

Kane take to the stage for the 3rd and final night to celebrate their 10 years with singles only on the setlist and they do it with style, charisma, passion and nothing but thanks for all the support they've received from the fans over these 10 years. This show was to be filmed for a DVD and so cameras flying back and forth the front row.

Each show I felt got better and this final show was the show of all 3 shows. The atmosphere was banging from start to finish. 'Rain Down on Me' saw Dinand again try to crowd surf but this time when he fell from the stage, the people wasn't ready for him and so to the floor they all go.... all fine and smiling though. 'My Best wasn't good enough' saw Isle back on stage for the first time since 2003 singing the duet with Dinand. 'Shot of a gun' was something to have heard somehow when it came to the 'hey hey hey' bit some how the crowd seemed to split it two whilst some sang the 'hey hey hey' bit others sang the 'shot from a gun' lyrics and it was awesome to witness. It was cool to be noticed by Dinand as well too :)

Gig over, instead of sadness because it was all over, excitement kicked in that it was an amazing 3 shows, I was lucky to have been there to witness all 3. I had a fun time with everyone and met some new amazing people. Needless to say when someone with a strong English accent asks if I am Gina, I'm grinning because there was more of us there! We stuck around talking about Kane and UK when everyone had almost left that was till Dinand called us over and so we continued the conversation with Dinand liking the plan and ideas that was put to him.

Outside the venue, there was lots of goodbyes till next time going on and I was pleased to have caught up with Lucy and grateful for many things. Still chatting to people and still saying goodbyes, Dennis appeared on his scooter and so a quick chat with him put the icing on the cake for yet another amazing time with these amazing musicians and friends.



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