Don't speak or read Dutch but would love to know what the 'Kane Singles Only' book is about? Then read on.

Before we begin, I can't tell you enough how much you need to buy 'Kane Singles only' book. What I write/quote is by no means a fraction on what the book holds and you'll be missing out on the beautiful pictures along with pages and pages about each song, and what other people in the lives of Kane have to say.

Each month I will be adding a summary translation of each single to this page. Again what I write is by no reflection of what the book holds, it has been a huge task to try and condense 2 -3 pages to just a few paragraphs and write what I can in my own words.

Copyright Laws prevent full translations being published anywhere, but I have been given special permission to give you a small summary of each song in English, one by one, month by month. Again I can not say enough on how good value the book is even if you don't understand Dutch, it is a beautifully presented book, so go and get it from Kane.nl so you can follow each month with the translations.

And finally before we begin I have to give huge credit to Jenneke Edwards for all her help with the translation of the book and to Lucy for sorting out the permission to do this.



Chapter 1 - 'Where Do I Go Now' - Dinand

"Not hindered by any knowledge of affairs, not distracted by too much experience, not blinded by success or the lack of that, in the summer of 1999 Dennis and I must have been the most convinced musical extremists of the country."

Dinand writes about his memories from back 1999 when it all began for the Kane journey, his life consisted of dreaming and waiting for magical moments for the dreams to come true. 'Where Do I Go Now' was released in June 1999. It had an appropriate title. Kane in the summer of 1999 had no idea what achievements lay ahead for them and as a appropriate as the title was then it's a song that always comes back to you from time to time with a different meaning.

It was a gamble to take being a rock band at a time when Dance was dominating the radio. But being stubborn, this didn't bother Dinand or Dennis, and so there was no doubt come what may they would make it work. 'Where Do I Go Now' set the bar and the beginning of the path for Kane. Dinand goes on how he love's this song, with it's powerful chorus and strong melody. "‘Where Do We Go Now?’ is very much written by and for that moment in 1999. Clear and simple. It is what it is and that makes it such a strong first single. A song about passionate frustration, written by a mid-twenty year-old, who, as it later turned out, had no idea what he was talking about when it came to either passion or frustration, but like no other went for what was true at the moment."

There was lots of excitement as the song got played on the radio and it climbed play list charts. It was just the beginning for Kane and 'Where Do I Go Now' had laid a nice opening for the 2nd single to follow on....

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Chapter 2 - 'Damn Those Eyes' - Dennis

"How do you, as a beginning band, get the attention of a record company? You can tape a demo and send it on a TDK SA90 cassette tape. Then you add a biography in which you mention ‘how hard you are trying to get out there’."

Dennis writes how to make it in the music world, you need to write that one song, a good one that convinces everyone straight away from the first listen and without realising Dinand had already wrote that song and he refers to this song as 'The Ace'.

They laid their demo down between Dinand's home made studio and using a free offer that Dennis got through a friend of a friend in a small new studio. After just 3 performances they was signed to BMG and it was 'Damn Those Eyes' that got the contract. They dropped the demo off themselves that they had previously made.

A few months later they found themselves in another recording studio recording 'Damn Those Eyes' along with another 4 tracks. Aram had joined them by now and Hans was on the drums. They had a few usual producer/artists battles to get what they wanted on the record but after a few drum fill discussions it was done, Dinand had got the ones he wanted.

" And that is why ‘Damn Those Eyes’ is seen as the ace in our hands, our best card...And when do you play your best card? First? Second? It was after ‘Where Do I Go Now?’ it came the second single, the ace." And with the song being recorded right it needed a 'fitting' video and so with a well known director on board it was made like a small movie clip. He writes, "The hero in an American movie doesn’t cry but walks through the rain, which symbolises the pain and sorrow...”

And so in the freezing cold October, a lot of cold water and wind machines was brought in and the video was cut.

‘Damn Those Eyes’ has become the classic, which it already was when I heard it the first time and Kane made an entrance in the Netherlands in a way that surprised many, even today."

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Chapter 3 - 'I Will Keep My Head Down' - Dinand

'I Will Keep My Head Down' is the 3rd single to have been released from the album 'As Long As You Want This' and Kane are getting more popular, more the favourable choice and 'a boy's novel is taking off'.

Dinand writes what and who this song is about and the Geisha girl that is in the video. He describes how he can see that the song and the video are far apart from each other yet there is a connection which is rather personal to him.

'I Will Keep My Head Down' is for a very good friend of Dinand's who tragically got killed by a tram at the age of 32, but Dinand talks about the good times they shared with both their business's being beach bars, that both liked to play loud music and compared how their business's was doing. Marc was one of those people that radiated warmth and energy to you upon first meeting, and turned to be a friend who would always be there for you when things got tough.

"What strikes me when I listen to ‘Head Down’ again is how strong the entirety of it is. A beautiful intro, dark verse, nice guitar hook in the pre-chorus and a very strong chorus, followed by a killer bridge. Yes, I would do things differently now, of course, but it inspires me, I notice now. Vocally, I sound totally different now, the band is a lot looser now, we write totally different now, but what appeals to me is the clarity. I want to take that to our sixth cd."

The video was made by students from the University for the Arts (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) in Utrecht. Due to budget constrains, it was a daring thing to do but it turned out to be a very fitting video which Dinand still see's as one of Kane's best videos which to this day he still finds intriguing. The video was played on all major TV stations and topped in at twenty, not bad for a 3rd single.

"Rest in peace brother".

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Chapter 4 - Can You Handle Me - Dennis

"The 16th Chick"

"Sometimes you have songs of which the ‘feeling’ that it interprets is quite in line with the other songs you have made. Call it a misfit. That makes a song not better or worse and often you think differently about it than others. “Can You Handle Me?” was such a song. In the year that it was released (2000) it was the most played song on Dutch radio, an obvious favourite of the public with a chorus that is easy to sing along to."

Can You Handle Me is one of those songs that catches you from the first vocals 'There's something 'bout your smile' Dennis writes. One where Dinand sings the first lyrics and the audience fills in the rest. It is a song that jumps in and is filled with energy. It was the 4th single to be released from the album 'As Long As You Want This', although in the beginning they weren’t sure if it was the right song to release after 3 previous 'heavy' tracks. They talked and debated about it and finally agreed to release it.

Dennis tells the a story of how he was almost 'nicked' for speeding and with no thanks to Dinand being very helpful to the officers, Dennis thankfully kept his licence and car! This happened the night before they set off to Copenhagen, Denmark. This was their first adventure outside Netherlands to make the video for 'Can You Handle Me' which lasted 2 days. The shoot brought Kane much fun with the 15 'chicks' that was used for the 'peep' show in the video and it was this video that brought Dennis his lovely wife. Karen wasn’t at the shoot the 1st day but on the 2nd day upon arriving on the bus, she caught Dennis’s eye straight away, upon he went straight to her to greet her. It turns out those 15 ‘chicks’ in the video are Karen's friends and she had drummed them up for the director. Dennis and Karen have now been together 10 years and married for 4 years. It was also this video that brought Kane a TMF Award.

"It was clear that Kane, with the release of the first album and the four singles that came from that, had presented themselves as the ‘hottest ticket’ in the Netherlands in one blow. Successful shows at Pinkpop amongst others proved that the band was not a one hit wonder. "

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Chapter 5 - So Glad You Made It - Dinand

"When I came home I phoned Dennis and told him about the idea for ’So Glad You Made It’. It would have a heavy ‘Shaft’ bass-intro and in any case it should contain the sentence ‘Sweet like honey, melting over me. 24/7, so tempting.’ It had to be some kind of rollercoaster. Sexy, exciting and here and there simply hot. Could he do something with that........"

'Sweet like honey'

This wasn't the first time that Kane released a single but it was the first time they released a taster as a single from a new album writes Dinand. And he clearly remembers the day when a fax paper with the chart entry was pushed under the hotel door of where he was staying at the time.

'As Long As You Want This' had done extremely well and so the pressure was on with this next one, not for writers block or even the 'typical second album syndrome', it was more like they needed more time to ripen and priorities had to be set. Something they've learned from. They decided to change producers for the next album and went with Michel Schoots, a well known drummer, and a guy who had hands the size of shovels; you don't want to get into a fight with him, although they never did, he was too nice. It became clear fairly soon that 'So Glad You Made It' was going to be the first single. They just had to figure out how they would make the song sound. The first single always comes ahead of the album in Kane's case and knowing that if this song does well then the path to the new album is open, but if it fails then they would have a problem.

"Let me make a statement: to make an album is only fun in the beginning, during the search for songs. That is the part in which everything is great. Inspiration, freedom, hand in hand as a new energy source. Everything comes in a harmonic flow that leads to something new. Beautiful. The ultimate first meeting and it is almost always love at first sight.
After such a high, only a low can follow. It’s like Yin and Yang, Action, reaction.
As soon as you get stuck into producing those eleven, twelve songs the battle begins. Searching for that one take, you find much too much of what you don’t want. Too many details obscure too many distracting side issues. Not enough sleep, eventually stuffy studios, over-focus, deadlines. It is a guaranteed complete exhaustion which eventually leads to a complete alienation of your environment."

'So Glad You Made It' was sent to radio stations and TMF/MTV in September 2001. The response was very good and the track was on all top playlists. It was at this time Dinand decided not to wait to see the outcome but to book a flight to Curacao. And it was here when that white A4 fax paper was pushed under the door of hotel room. It was this piece of paper that gave Dinand the news that 'So Glad You Made It' was Kane's first top 10 hit entering in to the charts at number 7. Dinand still has that fax.

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Chapter 6 - Let It Be - Dennis

‘We come prepared’

"The first punch you blow with the first single of your new album is worth a fortune. With the choice of the second one you will have had that (very exciting) introduction and you know how the single was received. That leaves room for a statement. I think that is how it must have been with the choice of ‘Let It Be’ as second single."

Dennis writes from the moment that Dinand brought 'Let it Be' to their rehearsal place in Delft that it wasn't the song itself that was going to be difficult to construct but the implementation. He talks quite deeply how the build up of the song from intros to outros, several layers, climax and quiet again was repeated till it was right. Michiel Schoots the producer for this song recorded hours and hours of material, and would listen and make note during the evening, and adding any changes the following day.

The slogan was 'We come prepared' and so they did and so they did when it was time to set off to the ICP studios in Brussels where all the rehearsals fell into place. It was the first time they heard how it 'really' would sound like with all bits together and it worked perfectly.

Dennis writes how he thinks 'Let It Be' is one of their most successful studio-efforts. The director of the video was a big fan of the song and wanted to make the video as he felt the process would be therapeutic. It was filmed in Clermont-Ferrand in France. It was deliberate not to film the band this time so they could go for that empty, deserted Paris Texas feeling. Dennis writes how he remembers when they went for the first viewing of the video that he almost had tears in his eyes from what he saw and heard.

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Chapter 7 - Rain Down On Me - Dinand

‘Man of Bontekoe'

It is this single that has brought Kane the most adventures Dinand writes. From their home country to many countries abroad. The fact is Rain Down On Me still gives out great results with the song still making good numbers in various charts, end of year polls/lists and still an outstanding song played live; all something to be proud of.

Dinand takes us back with a mention about a Dutch famous book 'Cabin Boys of Bontekoe' and goes into where Rain Down On Me' came about. It was a soundcheck at Tilburg 013, and they felt so strong about it they played it that night to their sold out show although there was no written out lyrics or a finished composition for the song, they basically followed their hearts and the crowd loved it, although strangely it never reached more than number 29 in the singles chart when it got released, but there was something about this song.

Above everything it is a fantastic live song. The guitar riffs, the long stretched note in the chorus, the uptempo beat. No matter where it was played everyone went wild over 'Rain Down On Me'. He makes it clear that Dennis and himself wanted to make it abroad, he then refers to Martin Luther who kept his theses nailed to a door and how he has his own theses pinned to the door of which 'Follow your heart and your dreams' is maybe the most important. Thinking small keeps you small. Dreams are there to inspire you; to fill your heart with a sparkle of a wish .

(The next few paragraphs are the full translation, thanks to Lucy for allowing this with the references to UK)

As I wrote before; we dreamed a lot and wished probably even more.
We certainly had sky high expectations of the mystical foreign land.
‘Rain Down On Me' appeared to be the ideal single, to seriously conquer the foreign lands with. In hindsight that was probably quite remarkable if we just look at the results in our own country. I find I now have thoughts about it but I will get back to that later. In any case we didn't just stand there dreaming. Our management, BMG, the publisher and some ‘of the powers that be'; there were plenty of advocates to get the plan going.

The releases we had from everywhere; Belgium , Germany , Italy , Austria , Sweden , Denmark , Switzerland , South-Africa , Portugal , Scotland , Ireland and England showed that we weren't fooling ourselves . England of all places! With ‘Rain Down On Me' it will be the first time that a Dutch band appears on the English Top of the Pops since Pussycat had a hit with ‘Mississippi' in 1976!

Even the BBC came over in 2004 to make a special about ‘Kane from Holland ' and we become the first Dutch band with two pages in The London Times. The song was also chosen as the ‘Bundesliga' song, the tune for the German Premier League. With that much encouragement we totally legitimately got on our tour bus and hit the road. It would be a tremendous time. Playing in one town, get on the bus and wake up in another city, often in another country. Berlin, Milan, Paris, London ; every schoolboy's dream.

It wasn't to be. ‘Rain Down On Me' just doesn't do well enough. It enters the charts but in general it is touch and go. The ‘impregnable' England is the country we do the best, of all places. There we are actually on course for a top 10 hit and we have good airplay on all islands.

Close, but not close enough it seems. The English 538 doesn't pick us up and we enter at 38 in the first week instead of somewhere under the top 10. A great achievement, I still find, but we didn't have the changing current of the music industry on our side. On the corner of Portobello Road I got the phone call that Sara, our ‘champion' within BMG England has been fired and with her, all her acts. Over and out. End of story. There are enough disappointments during all those years and they don't weigh up against all the beautiful things we may encounter. Nevertheless England still hurts. We were so close.

Dinand then closes this chapter with secretly if given the chance he would like to re-record it. He feels they could do much better now with it which he finds frustrating, he would make it more raw, more energy, more......

He then signs off ' One thing I have to correct. It is time to leave that behind me;

I am a Man of Bontekoe.'

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