Kane are a band that you never know what you are going to get from one show to another and this one certainly was one of those shows where your expectations was going to be knocked down and exceeded 10 fold. 

Starting at the beginning, making the decision to go and see Kane in a festival that was miles away from any kind of civilisation of the city kind wasn't hard to make because it was still Kane at the end of the deal. And so using all forms of transport aside from a boat, Stadskanaal was the place to be this night. Arriving at the venue we found it was a sports hall on a holiday complex and so I was intrigued to how it would be transformed to a concert venue and how it would sound but they did well.

As this was a festival there was 4 bands in the line up. First up was a band called Dudettes which wasn't so bad, nice sound. Not sure of the name of the second band but they was a little to loud and not of the music kind. Then came Di-Rect, who are another relatively big band in Netherlands and so after hearing many stories I was intrigued to see what they was about. I can say I actually enjoyed their set, very entertaining with the singer having his box of props and the music was good on the ears. But as always I'm usually only in Netherlands for one band.
















Kane took to the stage and opened up with 'Under Atomic Skies' and through my mind ran 'now this is music of the good kind'. Dinand mentioned earlier on twitter that having people over from UK was raising the stakes for them to 'over do it' and they certainly did more that. The venue was very hot, the band was on fire and the sparks was bouncing off all walls.

The setlist contained a mix of songs from albums past and present (Sorry don't remember the full set or the order). We got the re-jigged version of 'Rescue Me' which I've now taken a shine to and a jam like no other on 'Hold On To The World'; a song that will never tire, never age and never be long enough even after a 15 minute jam, it's still a song that you want more from. 'Something To Say' saw Dinand take to the floor to mix with the crowd. Rain Down On Me, one of the songs that brought me to Kane saw 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' co-operated within it.  'Love Over Healing' had a different twist to what I've heard before with some lyrics thrown in from Bon Jovi's 'Living On A Prayer' sung beautifully along with lyrics from 'Tijd Genoeg' too, all put together gave a nice flowing melody. 'First Crash Overthrow', 'Come Together', 'No Surrender' and 'This Is Not The End Of The World' also sounded awe inspiring and I hope they remain on the setlists for years to come.
















Kane have such a vibrant mix of songs, old and new, some you find yourself standing, eyes closed and listening whilst your skin tingles where as others songs, to stand still is a sin, you get sucked up into the energy and vibes and dance/sway/jump screaming the lyrics back. Kane are one of the best live shows I've witnessed and this show is right up there.

Unfortunately all good things do come to an end and with 'Tracks Of Empire' as the last song of the night the show was over. I left that night and Stadskanaal feeling that all my woes had been swept away and nothing else mattered, not even the 12 hour journey I faced to get back home.

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