15th & 16th MARCH - 4th APRIL 2004 - SUPPORTING MAROON 5


Mean Fiddler London, Birmingham Academy Birmingham & Astoria London

Kane? Who's Kane? That was what everyone was asking when it was announced they would be supporting Maroon 5 on their UK tour. Not taking much notice at the time of the announcement I never bothered to take the time to find out who they was either but lets say they got my 100% attention when they took to the stage for the first time at the Mean Fiddler on 15th March 2004. Although I went with friends to the concert unfortunately we got split up as chaos hit once the doors had opened but Hannah and myself had a pretty good spot 2nd row.

After some waiting time, Dennis, Martijn and Dion took to the stage first and already I felt there was going to be something about this band. Dinand hit the stage and we were off. Their stage presence, the music, the charismatic vocals, the electrify guitar riffs and the controlled drum beats just held my concentration for the full set. I looked at Hannah a few times and she felt exactly the same, we couldn't believe 'Kane' was the support. We both felt at the time that it was also a very emotional performance and when they played 'Our Hearts will Beat as One', I think everyone in that venue was suddenly consumed in the emotion that this song held. They left the stage way to quick for my liking but I was going to see Maroon 5 quite a few times more so I knew I would get more chances.

And so the next day we were in Birmingham and although we managed to see a very special acoustic set of Maroon 5 in the afternoon I was finding myself looking more forward to getting to the gig for the support act that was Kane! With no intention of queuing this time we sat in a bar for awhile and discussed the liking of yet another support band which seems to be a tradition with us. And so after the queue had disappeared we ventured into the venue to still find there was spaces on the barrier! And so convincing everyone I would just stay there for Kane, then was happy to go to the back as we had planned afterwards.

Kane took to the stage once more and having paid so much attention the night before I found myself actually recognising the songs and got involved with the whole jumping around and singing the chorus's. Sadly we only got 5 songs this time round and although the guys did appear to be a little more relaxed I think they were just as gutted as we was when they left the stage again way too quick for my liking. I've always said you can't judge any artist till you've seen them live but seeing this band live before hearing there music had me thirsty for some albums and so straight to the merchandise store I got myself a copy of 'What If'. We had an amazing time afterwards with Maroon 5's set and basically rocked till we dropped!

Next day unfortunately I had to leave my friends continue the next few gigs without me and I met back up with them on the Manchester leg but sadly Kane wasn't the support at this gig so my next time and last would be the final London gig that followed. Having some time between seeing them in Birmingham and London I got to listen to the album more times than was probably healthy and so was ready to be totally rocked when the Astoria gig came round.

And so it was an early morning start from my house to get to London only to sit on the streets of London for more than enough hours to make sure I got where I wanted to be. My only concern was I started this tour 2 weeks previously to see Maroon 5 but now this final gig of the tour all I wanted to see was Kane the support act! But I latered learned I wasn't the only one so it was all good.

Having been queuing for about 2 hours with friends, some one nudges me as Dinand is heading towards us, and so being the cheeky one I called him and asked for picture whilst others asked for pictures and autographs. I think he was genuinely pleased how well they had been received over here and stayed and chatted with us for about 10 minutes and then left us with the biggest cheesy grins!

And so some time later doors opened and after hustle and bustle we got in. First thing we noticed is a keyboard? There wasn't one of them at any of the previous gigs and so we were intrigued as to what difference to the songs it would make and well, we rocked, danced, sang our hearts out and couldn't believe how this gig had come to be more heavier. The crowd this time also got more involved with the set and I think you can say this was the day that Kane made their most important mark on the UK audience; Rain Down On Me being the most adictive song. Although there was 6 songs on the setlist again we only got 5 but they sure put more than 100% effort into those 5 songs but it just left us hungry for more.

And so Maroon 5 came and went and so the tour was over. After the concert it was a bit of a sad time that the tour was over and as friends we all live in various parts of UK and so it would be sad goodbyes once more but I had a feeling I would be seeing them a lot sooner than we anticpated with knowing that Kane was going to return to us soon!

And so you have how Kane made their mark and impact on my life from day one of seeing them. Once I got home from the tour I was wondering how to raise awareness of them and although it was back to work on the Monday, with a huge help from Jez a friend I go this site together in 4 days and nights and well the rest is history as they say!


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