My first trip to Netherlands for 2010 was to be 2 gigs in Utrecht in a place called Tivoli. I hadn't planned to go but last minute decisions, some crazy planning and Wednesday night I was on my way to Amsterdam. Arriving at the airport I had tea with a friend and awaited my ride to my hotel. Thursday lunchtime saw the first of 2 road trips to Utrecht with Karin and Kaylee. One wrong turn wasn't so bad and we were soon at the venue. There was plenty of fun going on whilst waiting and the time went by very quickly and soon we were in. Speakers were the barrier and were just the right height to take the weight of my tired feet and support my aching bones!












Lisa Lois was the support act; the X-factor winner for Netherlands. A very impressive voice and a backing singer with great moves... go Jordy! But I was anxious to see Kane and I didn't have to wait much longer until they emerged on to the stage. Although I was at the tryout back in November I was curious as to how the new album would portray live and I wasn't disappointed in fact it was the totally opposite and came over amazingly. Dinand later told me after the first show he was sick and had to see the doctor the following morning but that didn't stop him putting on a damn good performance. I've always admired any singer that goes on with the show when they are sick but the 2nd night, Dinand against doctors ordered, pumped with strong painkillers gave an absolute killer performance; I've been to many gigs for many bands and the 2nd night just blew me away, the best I've seen in years.











Kane are so vibrant and energetic and put so much emotion into their songs and regardless what kind of show it is they always manage to draw you in, lock the doors, shut the world out and spend the next 2 hours just you and them. And so the set began with 'No Surrender', a favourite from the album so you can imagine my delight when they closed with this song also acoustic. The set list was a fair mix of songs from each album and all individually played with great passion. Tonight’s personal favourites was Tough, Point Blank and Waiting Waiting. It was a very strong set that lasted about 2 hours and after many sighs and happy faces we left and went outside. Dinand came out shortly afterwards and it was nice he took the time to chat even though he was ill.

It was almost 2am by the time I got to sleep and then I was up at 6.45 ready to face the day ahead and looking forward to another night with Kane and friends. Another road trip with Karin and Kaylee and this time no wrong turns. We waited outside for awhile but soon took to the tunnel when the rain started! But that turned out to be a good thing as we could hear sound check with Dennis on vocals and they played songs that wasn't on the set list, bonus! 7pm the doors opened and we were inside again on the front row only this time we were all together. Lisa Lois gave another amazing set and even came down to give me a smile.... Jordy was in full swing again as was Karin who is actually dancing the moves better than Jordy now!

Soon though it was Kane time. I had a good vibe that this night was going to be a good night and I wasn't disappointed, far from it. It will be a show that I'll never forget for all the right reasons. Total admiration to Dinand for putting so much effort into this show casting his illness to the side for those 2 hours just so he could give us a show to remember. Aside from the outstanding performance, 'Before you let me go' was amusing as Dinand had trouble with his guitar and so it was played with out it! He had problems with his microphone in Scream where he dropped it into the front row and the retriever got a special kiss and Dennis got a knock on the head! I actually love how Dennis has become the perfect rock star with all the right poses over the years that I've followed them. Tonight my choice of favourite songs had to be 'Real' which has become a special song, 'Scream' and 'Fearless'.

Again it was over after 2 hours and so it was time to leave. It was raining very heavy and after saying many goodbyes it was time to head back with smiles on our faces. Another late night early morning saw the end of my trip and a good flight home.


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