Kane are one of those bands that their albums sell you a small sample; the true sound of Kane comes via their live performances. The 3 shows at the Westergas proved this theory once again. This was the first time I was seeing Kane since their acoustic tour in 2011 and with their new line up I was excited to get full on electric shows yet a little apprehensive of what the new sound would be like.

I attended the shows with a friend who had never seen Kane live and so was also intrigued to see if she felt the same way I did about their live shows. Hitting the venue we found a nice spot in the middle in front of the sound decks and settled ourselves ready for the explosion! It was definitely the best place in the house to witness a light show that was really out of this world, lowering skylines, rainbow effects and lasers bouncing around the old gas house like ping pong balls. It was also a cool touch to get ticker tape towards the beginning of the show instead of the end where most bands use it. It suited 'Come Together' and definitely got the crowd bouncing. Kane gave their new songs their 'live' signature of beefing them up and re-jigged some old making them sound as fresh as the new. The setlist was well mixed and very pleasing. Entertained from start to finish, Kane never failed to deliver and we left with smiles on our faces and wanting more already.









Friday had something extra. We arrived early to the queue to hopefully get a place up front. With Claire's running skills we got in and got a space on the barrier. This night had something a little more, the vocals pitch perfect, the chemistry between the band, Dennis's solos, the saxophone for 'Tracks of Empire', the energy emitted and as always the spontaneous actions from Dinand. Diving into the audience backwards from the barrier, the crowd carried him around whilst he carried on playing his guitar, great fun to see. The setlist was one song shorter from the first night but still a show that was well over 2 hours long left us yearning for more.


All geared up and ready for our final show, Saturday brought awful weather but waiting was allowed inside and so once again we got a space on the barrier. Westergasfabriek had a different atmosphere with the crowd and everyone was definitely up for the final party. Hitting the stage once more with 'I Love This City' we got straight into the moment and our normal lives taken out from us and filled with nothing but ecstasy of hearing/seeing another show like never before. Vocals, solos, licks, bass lines you name it all played/sung with pure passion, emotion and energy. Seeing 3 shows in one hit, is always exciting but there is always a small feeling of sadness when they are over because Kane fill your hunger pangs but still leave you feeling hungry for more.

The setlist for all 3 shows with the exception of 'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger' on the first night (omitted Friday and Saturday) was the same for all 3 nights:

Main List - I Love This City, Come Together, Damn Those Eyes, Under Atomic Skies, Rescue Me, Something To Say, Something Good, This Is Not The End Of The World, Hold On To The World, Point Blank, A Little Something, Fearless, Rain Down On Me, No Surrender, Don't Wake Up Dead and Here Comes The End.

Encore 1 - High Places, R.E.A.L., Lover Over Healing and First Crash Overthrow.

Encore 2 - Tracks of Empire.

If I had to decide which was the best show then I would say Friday. It just had that edge from Saturday, but all shows I got something from in different ways. If I was to say which song stood out the most, I don't think I could. The new songs were played with such passion and the old songs played with such pride and freshness.

Now reality bites and life returns to normal once more.... I hope that one day Kane will still return to UK and the people here will get to see what they are missing out on, until then my mission continues to make sure it does.

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